2 December 2022 > 4 December 2022

Colombo, Sri Lanka

CADTM South Asia workshop

The CADTM South Asia workshop will be held in Colombo from December 2–4, 2022.
It will primarily attempt to deal with:

  • The deepening global debt crisis,
  • The Sri Lankan debt crisis and possible ways forward,
  • Lessons for South Asia and
  • Private debt in South Asia
Friday 2 December
0900 – 0930 Welcome, Objectives and Introductions
Herman Kumara (SAAPE), Chintaka Rajapaksa (MONLAR)
0930 – 1100 The Global Debt Scenario: Causes and Consequences (with particular reference to Sri Lanka debt default)
CADTM International
Moderator: Pakistan Kisan Rabita Committee
1100 – 1130 Break 1
1130 – 1300 South Asian external debt, International Financial Institutions, Peoples Movements
Bangladesh Krishok Federation
CADTM Pakistan
South Asia Alliance for Poverty Eradication, Nepal
1300-1400 Lunch
1400 – 1600 Sri Lanka: What is this crisis? How did we get here?
Sumanasiri Liyanage (political economist) on origins and contours of our present crisis
Ramindu Perera (Open University of Sri Lanka) on debt crisis and sovereign debt Sovereign debt Government debts or debts guaranteed by the government. default
Vimukthi de Silva (MONLAR) on agrarian crisis and rural women
Moderator: B. Skanthakumar (Social Scientists’ Association, Sri Lanka)
1600 – 1730 Break 2
1730 – 1900 Public Seminar
Pakistan Kissan Rabita Committee on Climate Disaster and Debt Justice in Pakistan
Hemantha Withanage (Chair, Friends of the Earth International) on COP27 and Debt Justice
Moderator: Nalini Ratnarajah (South Asia Alliance for Poverty Eradication, Sri Lanka))
Saturday 3 December
0900-1100 What is the International Monetary Fund, and what is it for? What is the role of the IMF in debt crises? What is an IMF programme? What are IMF conditionalities, and can they be human-rights friendly? What are our alternatives, including the debt audit?
CADTM International
Moderator: Swasthika Arulingam (Commercial and Industrial Workers Union/United Federation of Labour))
1100 – 1130 Break 1
1130 – 1300 Private Debt in South Asia & North Africa
Chinmayi Naik, Working Peoples Coalition, India)
Renuka Karunarathne (Microfinance Victims Collective, Sri Lanka)
1300-1400 Lunch
1400 – 1600 Sri Lanka: Debates and Strategy on Debt, IMF, and Our Alternatives
Chintaka Rajapaksa (MONLAR)
Madhulika Gunewardena (Feminist Collective for Economic Justice)
Dhanusha Gihan Pathirana (political economist)
Moderator: Sandun Thudugala (Law & Society Trust))))
1600 – 1630 Refreshments
1630 – 1700 Close of Workshop
Reflections by participants
Closing Remarks: Sakuntala Kadirgamar (Law & Society Trust);
Chintaka Rajapaksa (MONLAR);
CADTM International)))
Sunday 4 December (CADTM Members)
0900 – 1100 CADTM in South Asia: Way Forward and Next Steps

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