CADTM Web-noise : June 2005 to June 2006

11 October 2006 by Olivier Lorillu , Mélanie Moussours

Internet has become such a major source of information that good visibility on the web is essential for creating public awareness of the issue of cancellation of third world debt.
To measure the web impact of CADTM we have used several complementary methods :

Méthod UPI
Inspired by the method of Internet monitoring created by the Troover [1] institute called «Unité de présence et d’impact sur Internet » (Internet presence and impact unit (UPI)). This method permits precise analysis and notably indicates on which kind of pages we may find a reference.

Alexa traffic rankings
This comparative ranking system of Internet [2] traffic permits the evaluation of visit frequencies to most websites. The method works on a sample panel system from a toolbar that the user will load into his or her computer. This method has the disadvantage of only working through “Internet Explorer” and so excluding the users of other browsers or alternative operating systems. Nevertheless, the number of users in the world having installed the toolbar - several millions - makes the data quite interesting in comparative studies.

Site visit statistics

External links [3](Links on third party sites indicating and site volume
These methods have limits. They are dependant on search engines that are not necessarily 100% reliable. The speed of change on Internet [4] is such that an exact study is quite impossible. The manual system used here cannot possibly cover all the pages on the web (there are more than seven million new pages every day). The research has been limited to sites in the English, French and Spanish languages although we are fully aware of the presence of CADTM on sites in the Arab, Korean and Japanese languages.

In spite of this, all the points emerging from this study reflect encouraging trends as to the activity and visibility of CADTM on the web.


[2See « alexa traffic rankings » :

[3Hypertext links indicating an article on

[4Search engines modify their algorythms every two weeks



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