Press release

Comrade martyr CHOKRI BELAÏD assassinated

11 February 2013 by Raid Attac/Cadtm Tunisie

Choukri Belaïd [Wikipedia]

Tunis, 6 February 2013

Today Wednesday 6th February 2013, the criminal hand of treachery took the life of comrade Chokri Belaïd, general secretary of the ’United Democratic Patriotic Party’ and a major personality of the Popular Front. By this assassination he has been withdrawn from the social, democratic and national struggle at a moment when he is most needed. Alive, the comrade and martyr would never have abandoned.

Comrade, you knew much better than any of us, as you took on the struggle for popular and national liberation, that the enemy targets the revolution’s leaders. You continually warned us of their intentions and desire to push Tunisia into a spiral of political violence hindering ultimate victory over tyranny in all its forms. You always refused political violence and of course you were right.

Comrade, you leave us with hearts broken by sadness and pain. Nobody can fill the vacuum that you leave, but we make you the pledge to continue in the path you have shown us.

Our condolences go to your partner, your daughters, to your family, to your comrades, to all Tunisians having faith in freedom and justice, to all progressive militants in the Arab world and beyond.

Very dear comrade, we pledge never to abandon our common cause. Your struggle and martyrdom will flower evermore. We will keep your memory alive so that you remain, for future generations, the light that shows the way.

Fathi Chamkhi

Translation, Mike Krolikowski and Vicki Briault




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