World Social Forum, Mumbaï 2004

Debt Under the Lula Presidency

28 January 2004 by Maria Lucia Fattorelli

First of all, I want to congratulate with the India people, who is hosting the Fourth World Social Forum, and thank the organization of this Conference, for the invitation and the opportunity to participate on this event, in such important moment for all our Countries.

I was asked to speak about Debt under Lula`s Presidency. I`ll speak about the options of Lula`s government on debt policy, and also coment about tax policy, and financial flows.

I’ll also speak about our experience of Citizen Auditing in Brazil, movement inserted in the Jubilee South Campaign - coalition of churches, not-governmental organizations and citizens who understand that the process of indebtedness of the countries of the third world is unfair and is becoming impracticable its existence and survival.

Our main task in this IV World Social Forum is to build a great articulation between all our iniciatives, because we beleave another world is possible and we will work for that.

Maria Lucia Fattorelli

member of the Committee and coordinator of the Brazilian Citizens’ Debt Audit Commission. Since the 4th April 2015 she is member of the Truth Committee on Public Debt.

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