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London, UK

European conference against Austerity, 1 October 2011 and Study day in London, Sept. 30th, The public debt’s trap : is there a (democratic) way out?

There is an alternative.

This crisis is not our crisis. We should refuse to pay their debt. Together across Europe, we must take action to resist these attacks and to defend our public services and jobs. And together, we must organise for a society which meets the needs of people and the planet, not private profit Profit The positive gain yielded from a company’s activity. Net profit is profit after tax. Distributable profit is the part of the net profit which can be distributed to the shareholders. .

Join us in London on Saturday 1st October 2011

Delegations and representatives welcome from trade-unions, social movements and progressive organisations from across Europe.

Conference initiated by the Coalition of Resistance

More information about the conference on this link: http://www.europeagainstausterity.org/

Speakers from CADTM will be present in the following sessions:

One answer to the debt crisis in Europe : Citizens’ debt audit initiatives

Speakers: Professor Costas Lapavitsas (Greek initiative for a debt audit), Andy Storey (Afri – Ireland), Myriam Bourgy (CADTM – Belgium)

Chair : Jonathan Stevenson (Jubilee UK)

Different initiatives are being taken in Europeby movements to face the debt crisis. Debt audit is one answer brought by the movements in the public debate. People should not pay illegitimate debt and debt audit should be use to define which debt is illegitimate and which should be paid back. This workshop will focus on two countries – Greeceand Ireland– and will give an general overview of the different debt audit initiatives in Europe.

Women, austerity and resistance

Speakers: Monika Karbowska (CADTM France and Poland) on the goals and actions of the Initiative of women against the debt and austerity measures

Sonia Mitralia (CADTM, Greece) Women, debt and the austerity measures in Greece. How can we transform a tragedy into an opportunity to intervene in society and build a mass women’s movement.

Elzbieta Fornaczyk (Trade Union “August 80”) and Grazyna Durkalec (Movement of social Justice of Walbrzych) Women in the Eastern Countries defend themselves. Chair: Claire Solomon, (ULU and CoR)

You can find the whole program here: http://www.europeagainstausterity.org/agenda/

 Study day in London

 Sept. 30th 2011 [ 10:00 am – 6:00 pm ]

 The public debt’s trap : is there a (democratic) way out ? (or should next generations pay for their whole lives ?)

Download the whole program here in pdf:

Program: The public debt’s trap

 Journée d’étude à Londres

 30 septembre 2011 [ 10h00 – 18h00 ]

 Le piège de la dette publique : y a-t-il un moyen (démocratique) d’en sortir? (ou les générations suivantes devront-elles payer toute leur vie ?)

Téléchargez le programme en pdf :

Programme Le piège de la dette publique : y a-t-il un moyen (démocratique)

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