Global Sovereign Debt Monitor 2019

29 May 2019 by , Jürgen Kaiser

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Currently, 122 out of 154 countries examined are critically in debt, just under 80 per cent. The situation is particularly alarming in Bhutan, Mongolia, Gambia, Cape Verde Islands, Jamaica, Bahrain and Lebanon. In almost three-quarters of the 122 critically indebted countries, the majority of debt indicators has worsened over the last years. Currently, 17 countries have suspended their payments.

This report by / Jubilee Germany coordinator Jürgen Kaiser provides a detailed analysis of the debt situation of the countries in the Global South and describes the main drivers for this crisis.

The „Global Sovereign Debt Monitor“ is an extract from Schuldenreport 2019 published in German in April 2019 by / Jubilee Germany and Misereor.

Please click here to download the Global Sovereign Debt Monitor.

The report illustrates the three dimensions of debt in a world map:

Source: Erlassjahr

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