Immediately cancel Mozambique and Southern Africa’s debt!

6 February 2022 by CADTM

Picture Courtesy : Malawi24

The CADTM stands in solidarity with the victims of the devastation caused by Tropical Storm Ana. Indeed, the storm brought winds, heavy rains, damage and destruction to parts of Madagascar, Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe, affecting several hundred thousand people. Intense rains in Southern Africa have also left a trail of destruction affecting a few hundred thousand people. It is estimated that hundreds of people have been killed by the storm and its aftermath.

At this moment, the affected population is finding it difficult to manage the basic means of survival – food, shelter, medicines, hygiene, etc. It is also observed that the disaster has put lives, livelihoods, and vital crops at grave risk, ruling out the slightest chances of normalization. Moreover, the region faces the risk of Cyclone Batsirai and its impending catastrophe.

According to the UN, extreme weather events like cyclones have become more frequent and intense in Southern Africa – driving hunger and eroding development, causing devastation sometimes in a matter of hours. Climate change has aggravated the risk of extreme weather in the region, forcing millions into a sub-human existence. The region is already plagued by deep poverty, unemployment, access to basic services, etc. According to Human Development Index (HDI) 2019, Southern Africa is the most ‘unequal’ region on the continent in terms of income.

The CADTM strongly feels that the population needs justice, and with Mozambique already embroiled in a deep debt trap and countries like Zimbabwe and Malawi following heels, the region needs urgent debt justice.

The CADTM demands:

Beyond the immediate petition, we would like to draw the attention of movements and organisations of Southern Africa and elsewhere to a series of demands that can arm our struggles better.

More details about the above demands can be obtained here:

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