Interview of Andy Storey (Action from Ireland – AFRI) by Virginie de Romanet (CADTM)

22 November 2011 by Virginie de Romanet , Andy Storey

Virginie de Romanet (VDR): I have recently read the report on irish debt audit since the 2008 crisis and banks rescue –report which I found quite technical - and I was surprised to see nothing there on illegitimacy.
Andy Storey (AS): That was deliberated as we elaborated terms of reference that didn’t oblige the people in charge of doing this audit to take position. They were commissioned on an independent point of view so that produced an academic and independent report which we consider for that reason as a strong resource.

VDR: Has some publicity be given to the report?
AS: Two national newspaper wrote quite short article once that is not so surprising that it was so limited because the report is quite technical. Regarding networks associations it was widely disseminated nationally by websites like Indymedia Ireland and and internationally.

VDR: Could you tell me about the consciousness of the general population?
AS: Limited because of the message given by the government and the media is that is that there is no other solution than paying the debt and having austerity. The mood is very conservative. People are angy but not yet in a perspective of mobilisation. Something interesting happened more than a week now there is an occupation in Dublin following the Wall Street movement while there was nothing before related to the indignant movement. General people is a bit aware of the indignant movement. This inspired Occupy Wall Street occupation is still quite small but could grow up in the following weeks.

VDR: What are the next steps following this debt audit report?AS: This report was the preparatory stage. Our intention is its translation in a more accessible document to make a campaign with resources as an information leaflet or publication and events.

VDR: Why do you think there were no protests before?
AS: The trade unions leaders are very conservative, very adverse to militants and people are disillusioned of the possibility of progress. NGO’s are also quite in the same mood than the unions and of course the role played by the media. To that we have to add that many immigrants left Ireland.
What is happening now in Dublin could be an embryo.

VDR: What is the position of Sinn Fein?
AS: Sinn Fein position is very progressive. There are now left wing members in Parliament (20%) since the last elections in February. They are representing a united left alliance which could boost our positions. I am now asked to prepare parliamentary questions what never happened before.

VDR: A lot of people mobilised in 2005 for the No, is it possible to remobilize that people?
AS: 2005 were the second time people said No after 2001 referendum on Nice Treaty. People were angry to see they were not listen to but at the same time there was the same disillusion. And as in France not all people that voted no did it in a progressive way.

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