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29 March 2019

The  former Greek finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis created quite a sensation with his book ‘Adults in the Room’.  There, he attempted to narrate his ‘battle with the European and American deep establishment’ and pleads his own innocence in the events of the Greek crisis. We bring you a couple of articles that raise pertinent questions about his version of the story. West Germany immensely benefited from the debt cancellation in 1953. It helped the country to recover after the acute devastations following WWII. Eric Toussaint explains why the same western powers who were keen to cancel Germany’s debt are so reluctant in the case of Greece. 75 years of hegemonic rule. Enough is enough! It’s time for the Bretton Woods institutions to  spare the planet. We bring you the first four parts of the 75 years of anti-people interference by the World Bank and the IMF. We oppose any intervention by Trump, the Lima group or the European powers on Venezuela. Whatever its difficulties the Maduro regime is not a dictatorship and the false and misleading imperialist propaganda about the Venezuelan situation must stop. We also demand that the Venezuelan government take pro-active steps to ameliorate the situation, It must immediately suspend debt repayments and create an emergency humanitarian fund.

The ReCommons Europe Manifesto proposes a plan to radical left forces that seek to create the conditions for social change in the interests of the majority of the population after coming to power in a European country with the active support of the population. While the present appeal is functionally directed at militants and activists of the European left, its spirit is undoubtedly universal.

Jerome Duval reports about Algeria’s Hirak Movement against Bouteflika’s “Mandate of Shame”. Sonia Mitralias urges us to evolve from the individual #me too to the collective “us too”. Also read articles on Zimbabwe, Mozambique, South Africa, Nicaragua, Bulgaria, Somalia and others.

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Full list of events
Developing the website in four languages (French, Spanish, English and Portuguese) and the electronic bulletins in three languages ( French, English, Spanish) are a couple, among the numerous projects of CADTM. A new site set up recently and we hope likewise to provide more articles for a possible maximum number of readers around the world. The members of the CADTM international network will actively participate in the research and production of articles so that we can provide you with better information.
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