2 September 2017

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Often, in the face of relentless predatory assaults of global capitalism we tend to forget that the key to victory is a steadfast refusal to stop fighting. And yes, struggle has been in the core of our existence. Thanks to your support, CADTM and its friends have been able to elicit a positive judgment from the Belgian Supreme Court against the vulture fund, NML Capital. We hope that one day we would be able to bury all kinds of rapacious vulture funds deep down under the earth. The banks are at the core of the capitalist system. Therefore, any attempt to transform capitalism or even forcing any meaningful progressive reform within it would require handling the banking system effectively. In a thought provoking article, Eric Toussaint, Patrick Saurin & Jeanne Chevalier discuss measures that a popular government should take towards banks.

The vitality of Armenia’s civil unrest - deposing Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan, infamous for his totalitarian rule and unbridled corruption - must be channeled into a struggle for liberation from the shackles of capitalism. Armen Abagyan speaks about Armenia’s unfinished revolution. Aznague Ali of ATTAC/CADTM Morocco discusses the protest movements in Morocco and the role of the political left in mobilization against neoliberal policies We also bring you articles on the sale of Uganda’s lakes to capitalist interests, BRICS in Africa, Sino-American rivalry, land-grabbing and the financialization of agricultural land in Brazil, etc.

And,last but not the least! We invite you to CADTM’s Summer school to be held from 7-9 September at Namur, Belgium. We can assure you that it will provide us with a great chance to learn about and discuss developments in the international situation regarding debt and talk to activists from several parts of the world. Why delay? Block your dates and send your inscriptions now!
  • Save the date! The CADTM’s Summer Days will take place on 7, 8 and 9 September 2018
    The Committee for the Abolition of Illegitimate Debt will held its 2018 Summer Days at La (...)
  • Greece
  • [Film] The Audit. An Enquiry into Greek Debt
    CADTM, ZinTV
  • Greece: the so called debt reduction is a sleight of hand
    Eric Toussaint, Marie Brette
  • vulture fund
  • The Belgian Supreme Court announces its verdict : total victory against the vulture fund NML Capital
    Press release Total victory for CADTM, Committee for the abolition of Illegitimate Debt, the (...)
  • Debt justice prevails at the Belgian Constitutional Court: Vulture funds law survives challenge by NML Capital
    Eurodad, CNCD, Antonio Gambini , Bodo Ellmers
    In a landmark ruling on 31 May, the Belgian Constitutional Court upheld the country’s (...)
  • Social movements - Morocco
  • Protest Movements in Morocco and the Role of the Political Left in Mobilization against Neoliberal Policies
    ATTAC/CADTM Maroc, Aznague Ali
    In Morocco, the experience of the 20 February Movement indicated that the left faces real (...)
  • Banks
  • What measures should a popular government take towards banks?
    Eric Toussaint, Patrick Saurin, Jeanne Chevalier
    Economic heterodoxy and the programmes of deliquescent social democratic parties lack a (...)
  • How to Socialize the Banking Sector
    Eric Toussaint, Patrick Saurin
    Because capitalists have demonstrated just how far they are willing to go, taking risks (risks (...)
  • Argentina
  • Argentina: Macri’s Neoliberal Fantasies
    Claudio Katz
    In the middle of his term, Argentinian president Mauricio Macri cannot hide the monumental (...)
  • Armenia
  • Armenia’s unfinished revolution
    Armen Abagyan
  • BRICS in Africa: “You are either at the table or on the menu”
    Patrick Bond
    At a Johannesburg BRICS think tank, scholars get drunk on their own rhetoric South African (...)
  • Agriculture and Food Sovereignty - ecological debt
  • SOCFIN: profits on the rise, but not for local communities
    CADTM France, CADTM Belgium , Collective
    NGOs and solidarity organisations supporting the struggles of affected local communities assess (...)
  • Bio-piracy: the sale of Uganda’s lakes to investors
    Mary Serumaga
    The fishermen of Kabarole District appear to have blown the whistle on an audacious act of (...)
  • Land-grabbing and the Financialization of Agricultural Land
    Mary N. Taylor
    On the occasion of the publication of the report Transnational Corporations and Land (...)
  • Neocolonialism
  • China vs the US: The new imperial scramble for Africa and global rivalries
    Lee Wengraf
    Lee Wengraf writes that the rush for profits, economic volatility and militarization across (...)
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