24 February 2016

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Peoples around the globe have been resisting the neo-liberal onslaught for more than three decades. In a number of cases such resistance has brought the left-wing to power. However, the Greek experiences since 2015 show that the radical forces, once in power, have lacked clear strategies and orientations to break with the system. Eric Toussaint proposes 10 measures for the people’s seizure of power in order to avoid repeating the Greek capitulation of 2015. Also read why Greece should not have paid the IMF and how Banks are responsible for the crisis in Greece.

Another article by Anouk Renaud revealing some home truths about banks, pensions and Greek debt is equally fascinating. Eric Toussaint’s commentary on secret IMF documents on Greece is thought provoking.

Patrick bond exposes how South Africa's junk credit rating was avoided at the cost of junk analysis. His other piece explores the country’s deprivations and depredations.

In another instance, Nicolas Sarkozy’s former minister and current head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde is found guilty of negligence in arbitration benefiting a French businessman by awarding him no less than 403 million Euros of public money at the expense of state interests and therefore tax payers in 2008, but she is exempted from punishment. CADTM exposes this mockery of justice and also raises a very pertinent question: would the judiciary protect whistleblowers in the same manner as witnessed in the case of the LuxLeaks and Lagarde trials.

The debt crisis in Puerto Rico and Mozambique takes grave directions with the local population bearing the brunt. In the case of Puerto Rico, the UN experts warns that human rights cannot be side-lined. This is certainly the case with every debt-ridden country on the planet. In “8 hours against illegitimate debt” Silvia Federici & Eric Toussaint explain the links between the debt system and capitalism.

The CADTM activists around the world pledge to fight against this injustice and use all their energy, commitment and determination to carry forward the peoples’ fight against illegitimate debt, and to give substance to alternatives to help free humanity from all forms of oppression. The CADTM Network Global Assembly held in Tunisia strongly endorses the resolution.

The redoubtable Trump has now taken to his oval office. He has immediately set the tone by issuing his first executive decisions that seek to limit the 'Obamacare' effects on corporations. How far will he seek and manage to put his threats against the peoples of the World into action. The World is in suspense and cliffhangers are looming. Its not enough to wait and see. The social movements around the World must be ready to react and especially bring their support to the US social movements when and where they see the need to move.
  • For people’s seizure of power: Ten proposals to avoid a repetition of the Greek capitulation
    Eric Toussaint
    I propose ten measures for the people’s seizure of power, ascertaining that the experience of (...)
  • The European Union against Europe: Disobeying and Walking
    Daniel Albarracín
    The purpose of this presentation is to contribute with some elements of the debate, focusing on (...)
  • Debt system and capitalism: what are the links?
    Mariella Caponnetto
    Minutes from the keynote speech: The “debt, capitalism’s lethal weapon” Speakers: Silvia Federici (...)
  • The CADTM Network Global Assembly at the crossroads of mobilizations for the abolition of illegitimate debt
    CADTM international
    To coordinate its international and continental work, the CADTM network holds its Global (...)
  • Greece
  • Banks are responsible for the crisis in Greece
    Eric Toussaint
    The present study shows that the Greek crisis that broke out in 2010 originated in private (...)
  • Some home truths about banks, pensions and Greek debt
    Anouk Renaud
    On the 5th, 6th and 7th of November, the Truth Committee on Greek Public Debt met again in (...)
  • Secret IMF Documents on Greece commented by Eric Toussaint (CADTM)
    Eric Toussaint
    The CADTM draws attention to two IMF documents dating from March and May 2010 that were kept (...)
  • Will Washington’s New Pro-Moscow, Anti-Beijing Gang Drive a Wedge Through the BRICS in 2017?
    Patrick Bond
    The weeks following an underwhelming Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa (BRICS) (...)
  • Africa - Debt crisis
  • Campaigners demand Credit Suisse ‘comes clean’ as Mozambique defaults
    Jubilee Debt Campaign
    The Mozambique government has said it will not make a $60 million interest payment due on 18 (...)
  • United States
  • Speech at the Women’s March on Washington: History cannot be deleted like web pages
    Angela Davis
    Civil rights activist Angela Davis spoke at the Women’s March on Washington on Saturday in front (...)
  • Corruption / financial criminality
  • Lagarde Trial: A business class get-out-of-jail free card
    CADTM Belgium , CADTM France
    The committee for the abolition of illegitimate debts reacts to the French Court of Justice’s (...)
  • The LuxLeaks and Lagarde trials: for how much longer will the judiciary protect financial delinquents?
    CADTM France, CADTM Belgium , CADTM Switzerland , CADTM Spain, Attac Luxembourg
    LuxLeaks trial: the wrong ones are in the dock! On 12th December the trial of Antoine Deltour, (...)
  • South Africa’s Deprivations and Depravations Revealed in Jacob Zuma’s Meltdown
    Patrick Bond
    This week could well be remembered as South Africa’s most important political inflection point (...)
  • Ecological debt
  • Marrakech declaration against the summit of false solutions and for a fair and sustainable future for all peoples
    For real alternatives to preserve environmental balances and recognise climate justice, For a (...)
  • Puerto Rico
  • Puerto Rico’s debt crisis: UN expert warns human rights cannot be side-lined
    Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky
    For several years, Puerto Rico has been facing a serious financial, economic and social crisis. (...)
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