24 February 2016

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Our dear comrade Wangui Mbatia from Kenya left us this month after a prolonged battle against cancer. We are sure that her life and her ideals will continue to animate us. CADTM pays respect to this indomitable spirit that not only shook Kenya but, also the anomalies within progressive fora like the WSF.

While the protests against austerity measures continues across Europe and the right-wing resurgence confounds the continent, “Ten Proposals to Beat the European Union”, a document by the European left to challenge the EU’s stranglehold on economic and social justice, is more relevant than ever. The past experiences in Greece has amply manifested that no revival of the left is possible without radical measures against big capital.

Vulture funds wreak havoc across the lands. CADTM Belgium launches an appeal to Internationalize the Belgian Law on Vulture Funds. Daniel Munevar speaks about the devastation in Greece and also “Vulture Funds in the Context of a Globalized Financial System.” We also have the privilege to present to you the complete text of Eric Toussaint’s demystification of Alexander Nahum Sack's doctrine of odious debt.

Also read articles on the the Mozambican debt crisis; how “France Used the Public Debt to Colonise Morocco” and why “Egypt’s new IMF deal comes with a huge price tag for human rights.”

The reports and analysis of the African & Bangladesh labour movements and the land struggle in India is thought provoking.
  • Ten Proposals to Beat the European Union
    Eric Toussaint, Miguel Urbán Crespo, Teresa Rodríguez, Angela Klein, Stathis Kouvelakis, Costas Lapavitsas, Zoe Konstantopoulou, Marina Albiol, Olivier Besancenot, Rommy Arce
    This collective text (full list of signatories here) initiated by Eric Toussaint, of the CADTM (...)
  • Debt in the History
  • Demystifying Alexander Nahum Sack and the doctrine of odious debt
    Eric Toussaint
    We here publish, in its entirety, Eric Tousaint’s study of the odious debt doctrine. Only (...)
  • How Europe cancelled Germany’s debt in 1953
    Jubilee Debt Campaign
    The 1953 London Debt Accords show that European leaders know how to resolve a debt crisis in (...)
  • When France Used the Public Debt to Colonise Morocco
    Adam Barbe
    It is now widely recognised that the French protectorate over Morocco was acquired thanks to (...)
  • Vulture funds
  • International Call to Support and Internationalize the Belgian Law on Vulture Funds
    Group of signatories
    On 12 July 2015, the Belgian Parliament passed a law to prevent ‘vulture funds’ from making huge (...)
  • Vulture Funds in the Context of a Globalized Financial System
    Daniel Munevar
    The recent legal victory of a small group of vulture funds over Argentina in the battle over (...)
  • Vulture Funds: Lessons from Greece
    Daniel Munevar
    The experience of the Greek debt restructuring of 2012 serves as a good example to show how (...)
  • Women
  • How Patriarchy and Capitalism Combine to Aggravate the Oppression of Women
    Denise Comanne
    Denise Comanne (1949-2010) last worked on this paper on 27 May 2010, the day before she died. (...)
  • 18th February Sahrawi Women’s Day
    World March of Women
    A tireless struggle for freedom From the World March of Women we want to send to our Sahrawi (...)
  • Greece
  • “The Greek government and banks try to take away our homes every Wednesday at civil tribunals”
    Eva Betavatzi, Filippos Filippides
    Prior to Greece’s joining the EEC (European Economic Community) in 1981, Greek banks granted (...)
  • Greece: The PSI and the process of bank recapitalization (2012-2016)
    Daniel Munevar
    This section analyzes the impact of the debt restructuring of 2012 on Greek banks and the (...)
  • Social movements
  • Tribute to Wangui Mbatia
    Wangui Mbatia was one of Kenya’s best known female activists from the late 1990s. See Kenyans (...)
  • African labour and social militancy, Marxist framing and revolutionary movement-building
    Patrick Bond
    It is a great period to be a revolutionary activist in Africa. Yet the sense of stop-start (...)
  • The struggle for socialism in Mauritius
    Rajni Lallah
    Mauritius is being, and will continue to be, seriously hit by economic crisis, perhaps more (...)
  • Agriculture and Food Sovereignty
  • India: Statement on Bhangar Land Disputes and Atrocities on Peasants
    Radical Socialist
    It is over a decade since Mamata Banerjee made peasant discontent with government takeover of (...)
  • Africa - Debt crisis
  • Mozambique defaults on its debt
    Jubilee Debt Campaign
    Mozambique’s secret loans crisis has entered a new phase after the government missed a payment (...)
  • The Mozambican debt crisis: How a sovereign state was sold
    Mary Serumaga
    In 2013 Mozambican government officials formed three private companies and took out illegal (...)
  • United States
  • Tripping Up Trumpism Through Global Boycott Divestment Sanctions
    Patrick Bond
    The forces arrayed against Donald Trump’s presidency and neo-fascist movement range from the (...)
  • Egypt - IMF
  • Egypt’s new IMF deal comes with a huge price tag for human rights
    Mahinour El-Badrawi, Allison Corkery
    The government of Egypt has sealed a loan deal with the IMF following four years of (...)
  • Poverty
  • 5,000 sacked for demanding higher wages: The human cost of Bangladesh’s $27-billion garment industry
    Ikhtisad Ahmed
    In December, the government responded to a peaceful strike by workers with use of force, legal (...)
  • Europe
  • The Bail Out Business
    Sol Trumbo Vila, Matthijs Peters, Transnational Institute
    The Bail Out Business is the most comprehensive and thorough analysis of the steps taken since (...)
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