24 February 2016

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CADTM mourns the death of Fidel Castro and pays homage to this great revolutionary. Fidel and his comrades overthrew the hated Batista regime and led the first socialist revolution in the Western hemisphere. In spite of limitations, his leadership ushered in a transformation of Cuba and a resolute struggle against US-led imperialism that created a new phase in the history in the region, and the rest of the World. On this sad occasion we bring again to your attention: a speech by Fidel Castro, at the Continental Dialogue on Foreign Debt held at Havana’s Palace of Conventions on august 3rd, 1985 where he clearly stated that the Third World debt can never be paid.

Despite a lack of government support and media attacks, sometimes violent, against the Commission members, The Greek audit Commission battles on! Anouk Renaud presents an update of the commission. Michel Husson explains why Greek pension counter-reforms are unsustainable. We also bring to you Eric Toussaint’s presentation “ The euro and the debt crisis” at Copenhagen, on 19th November 2016 on the occasion of an Internationalist summit for a Plan B in Europe.

Alexander Sack is considered to be one of the founders of the doctrine of odious debt. The doctrine, based on a series of precedents in international jurisprudence, has come in for a lot of debate. In an article “The Doctrine of Odious Debt: from Alexander Sack to the CADTM” Eric Toussaint explains the importance of Sack’s theory and why it is important to go beyond this doctrine. In another article he narrates how on three separate occasions, governments in the United States, have successfully repudiated public debts owed to private bankers.

Jerome Duval exposes tax evasion - the crime of the rich at the expense of the poor. Also read articles on COP 22 in Marrakesh, Morocco; the World Bank’s attack on the climate through the secret financing of coal production in Asia, the attack of Vulture Funds on Venezuela, lessons from Costa Rica’s historic debt repudiation, etc.

Debt in history
  • Three Waves of Public-Debt Repudiations in the USA during the 19th Century
    Eric Toussaint
    Did you know that in the United States, on three separate occasions, governments have (...)
  • The Doctrine of Odious Debt: from Alexander Sack to the CADTM
    Eric Toussaint
    Alexander Nahum Sack (Moscow 1890 – New York 1955), a Russian lawyer who taught in Saint (...)
  • Fidel Castro: The debt is unpayable
    Fidel Castro Ruz
    This is the transcription of a speech by President Fidel Castro, at the Continental Dialogue on (...)
  • Audit
  • The Greek audit Commission battles on !
    Anouk Renaud
    The Greek Debt Truth Commission that was created in April 2015 to audit the Greek public debt, (...)
  • LADA - Local Authority Debt Audits
    Debt Resistance UK
    Debt Resistance UK (DRUK) is a group of researchers, activists and campaigners dedicated to (...)
  • Puerto Rico
  • Puerto Rico’s Neocolonial Debt
    Pierre Gottiniaux
    In 1898 the United States declared war on Spain to ‘free’ Cuba from Spanish domination. Spain was (...)
  • Greece
  • Why Greek pension [counter]reforms are not sustainable
    Michel Husson
    The Greek pension system has undergone many reforms since the beginning of the crisis, and the (...)
  • Africa
  • Are we heading for another debt crisis? If so, what should we be doing?
    Duncan Green
    Just when you thought life couldn’t get more retro (Leonard Cohen on the radio, post-Brexit (...)
  • United States
  • Detroit’s Tax Foreclosure Crisis
    Dianne Feeley
    WAYNE COUNTY AND Detroit are creating a human catastrophe by tossing thousands of homeowners (...)
  • Corruption / financial criminality
  • Tax evasion, crime of the rich at the expense of the poor
    Jérôme Duval
    Nearly 800 million people suffer from hunger in the world, mainly in the so-called “developing” (...)
  • Ecological debt
  • Powering the Plunder: What Morocco and Siemens are hiding at COP22, Marrakech
    Western Sahara Ressource Watch
    At COP22, beware of what you read about Morocco’s renewable energy efforts. An increasing part (...)
  • Big business in Marrakech: fertiliser industry and finance dominate COP22
    Africa will be centre-stage at this year’s Conference of Parties on climate change (COP 22) in (...)
  • We can’t tackle environmental and social justice in Morocco if we don’t talk about Western Sahara
    Hamza Hamouchene
    In the last two weeks, the touristic town of Marrakech in Morocco hosted the 22nd edition of (...)
  • Alternatives
  • The euro and the debt crisis
    Eric Toussaint
    Copenhagen, 19th November 2016 Internationalist summit for a Plan B in Europe At the beginning (...)
  • Pakistan
  • Blind borrowing – Is Pakistan fast slipping into a debt trap?
    Dr. Kamal Monnoo
    Owing to slowdown in exports and provided external borrowing are not capped, Pakistan’s external (...)
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