24 February 2016

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2017 marks the centenary of the Russian revolution that shook the world and shaped it for the rest of the 20th century. To mark the 100th anniversary of those revolutionary upheavals, Eric Toussaint, in the first three of a masterpiece series of twelve articles, entitled: Centenary of the Russian Revolution and the Repudiation of Debt, that analyse the debt of the Soviet era, explains how the question of debt was at the centre of those revolutionary storms. The articles are entitled - Russia: Repudiation of debt at the heart of the revolutions of 1905 and 1917, From Tsarist Russia to the 1917 revolution and the repudiation of debt & The Russian Revolution, Debt Repudiation, War and Peace.

In another emotional piece, he pays tribute to François Houtart, his friend and brother in arms, a militant internationalist who breathed his last at the age of 92 on 6 June 2017, in Bogotá. François, well known to social movements and in radical circles, took an active part in the CADTM Latin America and Caribbean internal meeting in Bogotá between 24 and 27 April of this year.

While farmers’ suicides due to debt has reached epic proportions in India and 6 farmers were shot dead by the authorities for demanding debt cancellation. Ahilan Kadirgamar exposes the Loan Sharks of Sri Lanka : Micro-finance and Leasing. Hasan Mehedi unmasks ADB’s four decades of pillage and devastation in Bangladesh. Sushovan Dhar, Hasan Mehedi & Ratan Bhandari jointly denounce the debt, destitution, destruction, disparity, & displacement caused by the ADB throughout its 50 years of existence.

In an interview by Benjamin Lemoine Eric Toussaint retraces the history of the CADTM’s anti-debt policies. Also see Abya Yala Nuestra América’s (CADTM AYNA / Latin America and Caribbean) resolution on Venezuela adopted by its Continental Assembly, held in Bogotá, Colombia from 24 to 27 April, 2017.

Other articles cover issues from the IMF’s profiteering at the expense of Greece, the dark side of infrastructure investment in Africa, how the world profits from Africa’s wealth, Egypt’s debt trap, the dangers of the Chinese loans and investments in the Philippines to how cities and citizens reclaim the management of their public water distribution and other essential services, etc.
  • History of the CADTM Anti-Debt Policies
    Eric Toussaint, Benjamin Lemoine
    Interview with Eric Toussaint, spokesperson and co-founder of the international network of the (...)
  • Asia
  • The unbearable burden of being an Indian farmer : shot dead for demanding debt relief
    Sushovan Dhar
    A nondescript district in the centre of this vast country has suddenly become a most sought (...)
  • Micro-finance and Leasing: Today’s Loan Sharks
    Ahilan Kadirgamar
    “In this context, it is not just the micro-finance lobby, but also the neo-liberal think tanks (...)
  • 50 years of ADB : Debt, Destitution, Destruction, Disparity, & Displacement
    Sushovan Dhar, Hasan Mehdi, Ratan Bhandari
    The Manila based Asian Development Bank (ADB) celebrated its 50th year at Yokohama from May (...)
  • Time to dump greed for need
    Suresh Seshadri
    A political scientist explains how banks and governments across the world are colluding to (...)
  • Alternatives
  • Spain: The Municipal Network against Illegitimate Debt held a second successful meeting in Cadiz
    Jérôme Duval, Fátima Martín
    The Municipal Network Against Illegitimate Debt and Fiscal Cuts is expanding to the level of (...)
  • Down with illegitimate public and private debt
    Eric Toussaint
    What we are fighting is a capitalist system that destroys nature. We have to fight a capitalist (...)
  • Social movements
  • François Houtart, militant internationalist and friend
    Eric Toussaint
    François Houtart passed away at the age of 92 on 6 June 2017, in his bed in the room he had (...)
  • Pablo Solón targeted: The Bolivian Government Must Stop Persecuting Those Defending Nature and Rights and Address the Real Problems
    Focus on the Global South
    Pablo Solón, the Director of Fundación Solón, former Executive Director of Focus on the Global (...)
  • Non Una di Meno: A new feminist movement in Italy is on the move
    Nadia De Mond
    “We are likely witnessing the birth of a new feminist movement on an international level. Of (...)
  • François Houtart has passed away
    Bernard Duterme, Guy Bajoit
    François Houtart has passed away. He founded CETRI (Centre Tricontinental) in 1976 and was its (...)
  • Debt in the history - Russia
  • The Russian Revolution, Debt Repudiation, War and Peace
    Eric Toussaint
    In early January 1918, the Soviet government suspended payment on foreign debt, and in early (...)
  • Russia: Repudiation of debt at the heart of the revolutions of 1905 and 1917
    Eric Toussaint
    In February 1918, the repudiation of the debt by the Soviet government shocked international (...)
  • From Tsarist Russia to the 1917 revolution and the repudiation of debt
    Eric Toussaint
    The Napoleonic wars ended with Russia emerging as a great European power and participating in (...)
  • Neoliberalism - Africa
  • The dark side of infrastructure investment in Africa
    With its Compact with Africa the German G20 presidency is actively promoting private loans and (...)
  • Honest Accounts 2017 - How the world profits from Africa’s wealth
    Mark Curtis, Tim Jones
    Profiting from Africa’s wealth Africa is rich – in potential mineral wealth, skilled workers, (...)
  • Egypt’s debt trap: The neoliberal roots of the problem
    Mohammed Mossallem
    Table of Contents I. Introduction II. The Causes Behind the Debt Crisis in the 1980s III. Post (...)
  • Greece
  • Memorandum–steamroller for the Greek people
    Leonidas Vatikiotis
    The prerequisites passed by a tiny majority 153 MPs (in an overall number of 300) of the Greek (...)
  • IMF substantial profits thanks to Greece (2010-2015)
    Dimitri Tzanninis
    Ten Best Practices Yet to be Applied to the Greece Program, by Dimitri Tzanninis (former Greece (...)
  • Ecological debt
  • Accusation manifest, People’s tribunal on the castor project
    ODG (Observatorio de la Deuda en la Globalización)
    Faced with impunity, the citizens accuse. The Castor project -a geological gas storage offshore (...)
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