14 avril 2004 > 13 avril 2004

Brussels (European Parliament), Belgium.

Seminar : Land : merchandise or human right ?

FIAN-Belgium is pleased to invite you to a seminar titled “Land : merchandise or human right ? Promoting rights-based land reform through a European Land Policy for development co-operation” , that will take place in the European Parliament in Brussels, 13-14 April 2004. The initiative for the seminar is taken by the human rights organisation FIAN, 11.11.11 (Coalition of the Flemish North South Movement) and the development NGO War On Want, in co-operation with the farmers movements CPE and Via Campesina, and with the support of the United Left Group (GUE/NGL) of the European Parliament.

The purpose of this seminar is to discuss the drafting of common Land Policy Guidelines carried out by the “EU Task Force on Land” within the European Commission. These aim at providing operational guidance for EU member states when appraising interventions in support of land policy design and implementation in developing countries.

The central question is how the Guidelines can reform a common European Land Policy in such a way that the eradication of hunger and poverty, the improvement of gender equality, and environmental sustainability is prioritized. Unfortunately, the social and farmer’s movements have not been taken into account so far. Instead, the Guidelines tend to follow the World Bank’s land markets strategy and do not sufficiently address the interaction between land policies and socio-economic policy domains. The effects of the European Common Agricultural Policy on land concentration in Europe and abroad do indeed prove that these interactions have to be recognised. Therefore, it is an appropriate moment to bring together development NGOs, farmer’s movements, academics, officials and parliamentarians, to have a balanced view on agrarian reform processes in the recent past and open up the process of designing European policies.

The afternoon programme (13th April) of the seminar will focus on the analysis of market-led agrarian reform policies, from both the South and the academic world. These views are the starting point for a discussion with Members of the European Parliament, on the lacking issues in the actual draft of the European Land Policy Guidelines.

The morning programme on the 14th will present alternatives and participatory approaches to develop a “European approach” to land policies by implementing international human rights standards. These opportunities will be debated with representatives of the DG Development and state officials. As a result, it should become clear what measures are to be taken to set the defined land issues at the core of the European land policy guidelines. Movement and NGO participants are invited to harmonize their views and strategies during an informal meeting Tuesday evening.

The venue of the seminar is the European Parliament, Spinelli Building, 1G03. Please let us know if you would like to participate before the 2nd of April. A detailed programme will be distributed early April. We are looking forward to your presence !

Yours sincerely,

Jonas Vanreusel

Le programme
(PDF -60.3 ko)

If you want to participate, write to FIAN-Belgium : +32 (0)2 / 640 84 17 (FAX) or jonas chez fian.be (e-mail).

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