The Moroccan authorities refuse to give their approval to ATTAC Morocco in order to organize the international assembly of CADTM network

23 March 2016 by ATTAC/CADTM Morocco

ATTAC CADTM Morocco is an association that contributes to dismantling the foundations of neo-liberal politics advocated by the international, financial and commercial institutions, it also leads activities of mobilization and raising awareness about the wrongdoings taking place in the different popular sector.
The association’s work is centered around the problematic of debt and the agreements of free exchange as well as on the search for radical alternatives targeting the emergence of another Morocco, possibly, based on sovereignty, equality and respect for the environment.

ATTAC Morocco jointly shares with the CADTM of Belgium the tasks of international secretariat of CADTM network that fights to abolish the debt in the south as well as in the north, and it contributes actively to initiate audit procedures of debts as was the case with Ecuador and Greece.

CADTM organizes every three years its international assembly in order to coordinate its international and continental work. The last assembly was held in May 2013, in the city of Bouznika in Morocco. The network planned to hold it in Morocco this year as well from the 26th to the 30th of April 2016. ATTAC CADTM Morocco has exhausted all the legal procedures to book a public or private venue for the event. However, the authorities refused to issue a permission to organize this international activity through rejecting our submitted files deposited at Ait Melloul and Bouznika.

This is another prohibition to be added to the continuous restrictions from which our association suffers, along with their refusal to renew our legal receipt.
With this flagrant violation of public freedom, the international secretariat shared from CADTM was forced to transfer the network world wide assembly to Tunisia.


- Condemns strongly these hindrances preventing the organization of the general assembly of CADTM network in Morocco.
- Demands the renewal of the national legal receipt as well as those of the local groups.
- Continues its legal struggle and its campaign of denouncing the authorities’ abuse of power to all different national and international human rights’ organisation.
In the end, we salute the solidarity of the organizations of CADTM network and RAID ATTAC Tunisia in particular for their acceptance to host the international CADTM network assembly in their country.

The national secretariat.


membre du réseau CADTM, l’Association pour la Taxation des Transactions en Aide aux Citoyens au Maroc (ATTAC Maroc) a été créée en 2000. ATTAC Maroc est membre du réseau international du Comité pour l’annulation de la dette du tiers monde (CADTM) depuis 2006 (devenu Comité pour l’abolition des dettes illégitimes depuis juin 2016). Nous comptons 11 groupes locaux au Maroc. ATTAC veut être un réseau aidant à l’appropriation par les acteurs engagés dans l’activité sociale, associative, syndicale et plus largement militante des enjeux de la mondialisation sur les problématiques de résistance sociale et citoyenne.

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