This is not a coup

18 December 2015 by Infowar Productions

Infowar Productions, creator of the documentaries Debtocracy (2011), Catastroïka (2012) and Fascism Inc. (2014) is preparing its fourth project on the role of the EU, and particularly ECB, in undermining democracy in Europe.

The new documentary describes ECB ECB
European Central Bank
The European Central Bank is a European institution based in Frankfurt, founded in 1998, to which the countries of the Eurozone have transferred their monetary powers. Its official role is to ensure price stability by combating inflation within that Zone. Its three decision-making organs (the Executive Board, the Governing Council and the General Council) are composed of governors of the central banks of the member states and/or recognized specialists. According to its statutes, it is politically ‘independent’ but it is directly influenced by the world of finance.
’s financial interventions in states like Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Cyprus and Greece.

Featuring well known academics, politicians and journalists, it analyses the relation of EU institutions with big corporations and banks.

In order to guarantee full independence from private companies and interests, the project is financed through crowdfunding – namely donations from citizens, trade unions and independent organizations and foundations across the globe. Following an initial period of festival screenings and TV broadcastings, the documentary will be freely distributed to all interested parties under creative commons license.

You have never heard about Debtocracy or Catastroïka ?
You can watch Debtocracy here and Catastroïka here.



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