Young people voted en masse

United States: Radicals and Socialists win landslide midterm elections!

10 November 2022 by Yorgos Mitralias

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The headlines of the international press on the outcome of the US midterm elections are not wrong: Yes, the long-awaited Republican tsunami did not materialise. And the Democrats held up much better than they had hoped. The reason for all these big surprises is beginning to emerge: Young people, breaking a decades-long tradition, turned out en masse to vote. And what’s more, they voted en masse for the Democrats. But, mind you: for the Democrats and not for Biden, whose popularity continues to plummet according to all surveys, and even exit polls.

The very young 18-29 year olds made the difference, giving the Democrats an advantage of ... 28 points!

In fact, the exit polls reveal that if it weren’t for the 18-29 year old American vote, the election result would have fully confirmed the predictions of a “Republican wave”. And here is the why and how according to a CNN exit poll:

Voters over 65 gave the Republicans a 13-point lead. Those in the 45-64 age bracket also gave Republicans an 11-point advantage. Those aged 30-44, on the other hand, gave the Democrats a very slight 2-point advantage. But, the very young 18-29 year olds made the difference, giving the Democrats an advantage of ... 28 points! In short, ’Generation Z’, that is, young people born roughly from 1997 to the early 2010s, have made a dramatic entrance into the country’s political life!

So it is not surprising that the first to benefit from the vote of these young people were the most left-wing Democrats. Especially those who make up “the Squad”, the group of radical and socialist congressmen and women who emerged after Senator Bernie Sanders’ first presidential campaign. They were re-elected with landslide victories. The best known, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, was re-elected with 70.6% of the vote. Rashida Tlaib, of Palestinian origin, did better in Michigan with 73.7%. The very radical Ilhan Omar, of Somali origin, in Minnesota with 75.2%. African-American Jamaal Bowman with 65.4 in New York. African-American nurse Cori Bush with 72.8% in Missouri. And African-American Ayanna Pressley with ...84.5% in Massachusetts!

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At the time of writing, only a few hours after the polls closed, it is not possible to have a definitive idea of the other electoral successes of the radical candidates affiliated to the Democratic Party. However, we can mention the case of the African-American Summer Lee, who created a surprise in Pennsylvania, beating the Republican incumbent with 55.7% of the vote. It should be noted that the (infamous) right-wing lobby Lobby
A lobby is an entity organized to represent and defend the interests of a specific group by exerting pressure or influence on persons or institutions that hold power. Lobbying consists in conducting actions aimed at influencing, directly or indirectly, the drafting, application or interpretation of legislative measures, standards, regulations and more generally any intervention or decision by the Public Authorities.
AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) caused a stir by supporting, according to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, the campaign of Summer Lee’s Republican opponent with more than 1 million dollars. AIPAC justified its move with the words: “We oppose Summer Lee because of her dangerous views on the US-Israel alliance ». According to US media reports Summer Lee will join the”Squad"...

Yorgos Mitralias

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