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Zoe Konstantopoulou at the European Citizens’ Assembly on debt
Brussels, October 16th
by Zoe Konstantopoulou
19 October 2015

In Greece as everywhere else, debt is an instrument to subject the people to the interest of the wealthy. In the name of debt, the Troïka and the Eurogroup have forced Greece to continue to implement austerity policies. However, many movements throughout Europe refuse to bow to the blackmail, and are now looking for alternatives. Debt audits already took and are taking place in several countries, and we now need to compare and disseminate their results.

During this Assembly on Debt, Zoé Konstantopoulou looks back on how the memoranda were imposed to Greece and the reasons why it is urgent to build alternatives to face to neoliberal policies undertaken by Europe and the Troika.

The CADTM warmly thanks Kristien Pottie for making this video.

Zoe Konstantopoulou

Greek human rights lawyer and politician of the Coalition of the Radical Left (Syriza). President of the Greek Parliament from February to October 2015, she launched in April 2015, an audit of the Greek public debt with the Commission for the truth on the public debt.