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The CADTM abolishes…linguistic barriers!
by Rémi Vilain
31 May 2016

Since its creation, the CADTM (known as the Committee for the Abolition of Illegitimate Debt since the network’s World Assembly in 2016) has paid particular attention to ensuring that the diffusion of its work be as widespread and accessible as possible. CADTM’s website is obviously a key tool in meeting this objective!

After the 2015 website renovation, the CADTM’s site is now available in 6 languages! Already accessible in French, English, Spanish and Portuguese, it will now be possible to look up our analyses and petitions in German and Italian! Not to mention the independent CADTM websites in Arabic and Greek!

No wasted effort, since the various distribution channels containing information from the CADTM network are constantly evolving. French, English, Spanish and Portuguese alike, the CADTM website was consulted by a monthly average of 110,000 individual visitors in 2015-2016. This is an increase of 1,200% since the site’s launch in 2003. Thus the CADTM website has become the best-known alternative global website concerning debt issues.

Although social networks do not have a monopoly on providing alternative information, and cannot replace real life interaction, our visibility on them is nevertheless on the rise. Our Facebook pages in French, English and Spanish are evolving every day, while other national Facebook groups (such as CADTM Belgium) – more centred on respective activities and community mobilisation – are constantly welcoming new members. Our Twitter account has also seen a rise in the number of followers. The World Bank, the IMF, the WTC and other enemies of ecological and social change had better watch out!

The thinking behind our newsletter, complete with a new layout accompanied by an editorial summarising the most important facts of the week, is paying off since there are now no less than 22,873 subscribers in French, 11,156 in Spanish and 6,046 in English!

This progress on the international scene is consistent with the CADTM’s desire to be, first and foremost, a global network at the heart of social struggles across the world, through our numerous partners and CATDM network members in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia and Europe. In this respect, we would like to welcome the three organisations from Gabon, Italy and Luxembourg who have recently joined us in our fight to end the debt system!

Are you interested in quashing illegitimate debt through citizen audits? In halting structural adjustment and austerity plans? In establishing true fiscal justice and a fair distribution of wealth? In the socialisation of banks? In defending farmer-led agriculture? In recognising ecological debt? In acknowledging the primacy of human rights over creditor rights?

If so, don’t hesitate to join us!

The CADTM website in Italian:
The CADTM website in German:

Translation : Trommons and Vicki Briault

Rémi Vilain