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Declaration by ATTAC – ARGENTINA
We denounce the government’s cyber-espionage of Argentinian social movements. Spying is illegal!
November 2018
by ATTAC/CADTM Argentina
12 November 2018

From ATTAC Argentina, we denounce the “cyber-espionage” put in place by the Argentinian government against the social organizations which are members of the Confluence Fuera G20 / IMF (G20 and IMF – Out), as reported in several newspapers.

We repudiate this action by the government, the Ministry of Security and the AFI Federal Intelligence Agency (formerly known as SIDE). The right to express our opinion and to demonstrate is an exercise of freedom protected by the National Constitution. This is why all practices of spying on the population are ILLEGAL.

Our goal during the Global Week of Action against the G20 and the IMF is to denounce this forum that does not represent us, as well as to debate and find alternatives to the deep crisis in which we are immersed, not only in Argentina but also on a global scale. The economic, financial, food, energy and climate crisis, or in other words the civilizational crisis will not be mitigated by the policies prescribed by the G20 or the major international financial institutions such as the IMF. These world leaders feel the need to be protected by 25,000 police officers, to travel by plane and to use sophisticated security devices, with all the expenses it involves, but they are not able to debate with the majority of peoples about the ways out of the recurrent crises of capitalism. Why be so far away from the peoples they are supposed to represent and seek to help, with such a deployment of repressive forces and persecution of organizations that think differently?

From ATTAC - Argentina, as well as the member organizations of Confluencia Fuera G20 / IMF, we do not accept this attempt to “demonize” and “persecute” us. We have nothing to hide, on the contrary: our backpacks are full of ideas, proposals and dreams for another world.

ATTAC Argentina

Twitter: @attacargentina