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Solidarity to Refugees of Moria
by Collective
11 September 2020

From the beginning of the pandemic, Moria, a camp with a capacity of about 2,700 people, stored almost 20,000 souls. In conditions of traffic ban, without protection measures and with complete indifference to basic health protection.

Consistent with its criminal policy, a few days ago it closed 35 people who had been positively identified in Covid with their families and contacts in a warehouse, instead of transporting them to suitable accommodation with access to medical care.

The government has made it clear that what matters to them is not the lives of “foreigners” but the reduction of flows and the reduction of the effects of the “immigration crisis” on local communities.

That is why, regardless of the state’s findings, the complete burning of the Moria inferno has a moral culprit: it is the government that systematically exposes the lives of refugees to danger. It is the timeless policy of the Greek state to make the border guard of Europe a fortress!

It is the indifference to people’s demands for life, dignity and freedom.

It is the lack of effective decongestion and health protection measures in the midst of the pandemic and trapping the population.

It is the prolonged spatial restriction and the unbearable daily life of people, who are deprived of freedom of movement.

What is urgent now is to ensure decent housing and health care for the thousands of people on the street. Not with another MORIA but within the urban space - in hotels, empty buildings, houses.

What is urgent is to understand that the other detention centers are also prisons, disasters awaiting.

What is urgent is for society to come forward and remove from its shame the ongoing crime that is taking place in Moria and everywhere.

We will always say it:
Detention centers sould close - Right to travel, right to stay!
Decent housing, living, working conditions for all.
We remain against the EU-Turkey agreement and the confinement of the people - Open the borders!
Solidarity and resistance will be our answer!
All on Friday at 19.00 in Victoria Square and matching to the Parliament!
March of solidarity and claim!
We are with the refugees – Joint Struggles!