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CADTM University 2021: Global Crisis, Debt Cancellation for Social Justice!
16 July 2021

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and its aggravating effect on the multidimensional crisis congenital to capitalism, the same destructive policies are still being imposed: the rich continue to capture ever greater parts of the World’s wealth at the expense of the environment and of the poorest sectors of the World’s populations. Yet there are clear and easy alternative choices that may be made! Prominent among them: debt cancellation for more social justice!

To get a closer look at the various issues raised by the current situation and in collaboration with several collectives and at various venues, the CADTM organizes its annual summer university in an adapted and interesting new format!

Three of our meetings will take place on line and others face-to-face. Thus, not only will they be accessible to the largest possible public but they will, at the same time, bring together struggles, from the smallest to the biggest, from all over the globe to exchange and share experiences. For the CADTM, it is essential to revitalize the initiative that started at Seattle in 1999, to re-launch an alter-globalization movement on a solid international solidarity basis, and to ring out loud and clear: “the world is not for sale, our lives are worth more than their profits.”

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We look forward to seeing you at our University!