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Assessments of the tasks performed by CADTM Belgium for the network’s joint international Secretariat
by CADTM Belgium
9 February 2022

1. Introduction

Since 2013, ATTAC CADTM Morocco and CADTM Belgium share the Joint International Secretariat (JIS) of the CADTM International network. During the World Assembly (WA) of the CADTM network that was held between 27 and 30 April 2016 in Tunis, Françoise Mulfinger, independent expert commissioned to evaluate the feasibility of creating a shared International administration presented (in French) a largly positive analysis. As a result, the mandate delivred to ATTAC CADTM Morocco and CADTM Belgium by the WA was renewed for the period 2016-2021. At the WA held in Dakar in November 2021 a comprehensive report on the tasks and activities of the JIS was presented and the ongoing structure of the JIS was confirmed for the next five years to 2026. We hereby present the work of CADTM Belgium in the JIS framework and the International Network. This report pairs with the complementary report by ATTAC CADTM Morocco that is consultable here:

Table showing shared tasks

Tasks assigned to ATTAC-CADTM MoroccoTasks assigned to CADTM Belgium
Political statements, press releases, interviews involving the CADTM at an international level.
International training seminars on the issues of debt, international institutions, alternatives to the crisis and patriarchal and productivist capitalism.
Organizing the network’s World Assemblies.
Liaising with the World Social Forum, the World Assembly of Social Movements, and various partners throughout the world, including Globattac, ACME, Via Campesina, the WMW (as a threesome ATTAC-CADTM Morocco, CADTM Belgium and CADTM AYNA) Drafting the CADTM network’s internal bulletin.
Developing and supporting CADTM activities in Africa, and in particular those in North Africa and the Middle East Coordinating research for synergies in Europe, particularly coordinating the CADTM Europe group, of which CADTM Belgium is a member, as well as working with the coordination units in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Asia
Developing and Maintaining the CADTM international website in Arabic, improving its visibility and possibly distributing an electronic newsletter in Arabic Managing the CADTM website, in French, Spanish, English and Portuguese
Publishing a bulletin in Arabic and promoting articles and analyses as well as producing and distributing books, especially in Arabic, and articles translated into Arabic and from Arabic into French Preparing and producing the CADTM magazine in French and the e-newsletters in French, Spanish and English
Looking for funding for the tasks ATTAC-CADTM Morocco performs as part of the International Secretariat as well as the accounting involved in such funding and assuming the responsibilities involved (drafting executive reports, backup of all supporting and accounting documents …).CADTM Belgium will help ATTAC-CADTM Morocco but while seeing to it that the latter can shoulder the responsibility on its own Publishing books in French, Spanish and English

CADTM Belgium will provide technical and methodological assistance to ATTAC-CADTM Morocco

2. Missions, strategy and modus operandis of CADTM Belgium

Our Main missions are to promote the emancipation of peoples through the struggle for the abolition of the “debt system” and to work for the establishment of ecologically sustainable alternatives that liberate humanity from all forms of oppression: social, patriarchal, neo-colonial, racial.

The CADTM Belgium approaches development issues in order to propose alternative strategies for the emancipation of peoples, through the analysis of debt. This emancipation requires the total and unconditional cancellation of illegitimate, odious, illegal and unsustainable public debts. Aware that other measures need also to be taken, the CADTM Belgium, together with its network partners and collaborators, promotes alternatives that respect human rights and nature’s rights.

We approach debt as a political and economic mechanism that has direct impact on populations. We focus on the links between debt in the North and debt in the South and analyse the ’debt system’ as a whole. We highlight the mechanisms of domination and exploitation that govern public debts as well as illegitimate individual debts, enslaving people as collective subjects and individuals (indebted peasants, families evicted from their homes by banks, women forced into the micro-credit system in the South, over-indebted students...). The CADTM Belgium promotes a new spirit of international solidarity between peoples, to challenge the traditional North/South patterns and thus to promote popular mobilisation for the cancellation of illegitimate debt in both the South and the North. CADTM Belgium considers popular mobilisation to be the preferred way to fulfil its mission. To mobilise citizens and challenge the political authorities, the CADTM Belgium relies on its expertise linked to the work done by its network in the South, its working groups and its various collaborations.

The strategy to achieve our objective of global popular emancipation rests on seven pillars:

  1. research, analysis and development;
  2. stregnthening the CADTM network, civil society and the alter-globalist movement;
  3. training and raising awareness in the populations, the NGOs and social movements;
  4. mobilizing the populations, the NGOs and social movements;
  5. informing the media;
  6. direct appeals to political structures and representatives;
  7. taking position – result of the success of the previously mentioned actions.

The virtuous circle supporting the CADTM’s global strategy describes the interrelationships and logics between the different fields of intervention of the organisation.

3. International classes

2016, CADTM Belgium organised international preparation classes in 2016 in Amsterdam from 14 to 16 November with about 30 participants. The Main issue was the doctrine of odious debt. The situation in Africa, the Arab region, Europe and two Latin American countries, Venezuela and Argentina, were also discussed.

2017, International classes took place in Bamako in November as a complement to a single-gender seminar on microcredit. There were about thirty participants. (See: The Bamako Seminar, The CADTM network reinforces the struggle against illegitimate debt!)

Between 2018 and 2021, international classes gave way to a priority given to regional workshops such as in West Africa, Central Africa, South Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean.

Depending on the evolution of the pandemic, it will have to be seen whether intercontinental CADTM classes will be possible in 2022 or 2023.

4. Participation in regional workshops


2017: CADTM Belgium took part in several regional activities in Latin America and the Caribbean, South Asia and Africa.





5. The emission of international appeals and demands at the initiative of the CADTM

Between 2016 and 2019, the CADTM Belgium led a campaign against vulture funds both in Belgium and internationally. An international appeal was launched in 2017. The CADTM Belgium has multiplied the initiatives around this issue and has obtained important successes: the “Law against the activities of vulture funds” and in 2018 the Belgian Supreme Court announced a decision giving total victory against vulture fund NML Capital. Thus enhancing the credibility of the CADTM International network.

In 2016, the CADTM Belgium also initiated a collective appeal on the theme ‘What is to be Done with the Banks?’

In September-October 2016, CADTM Belgium was directly involved in the drafting of the Oviedo Manifesto, which was supported by 700 elected politicians, including councilors, MPs and MEPs. The Oviedo Manifesto was presented on 19 October 2016 at the Parliament in Madrid. Subsequently, a municipalist front against illegitimate debt was formed at a meeting held in Oviedo 25 to 27 November 2016. CADTM Belgium took an active part in collecting international personality’s signatures (in French, Spanish or Portuguese).

In 2019-2020, CADTM Belgium together with the Basque trade union ELA and the European network EReNSEP launched with other movements the initiative ReCommonsEurope which published an international Manifesto in French, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Catalan, Basque, Serbo-Croat (see: ReCommonsEurope: Manifesto for a New Popular Internationalism in Europe),... Also on the initiative of the CADTM, ReCommonsEurope has published a second manifesto (see: Impact of European policies on the Global South and possible alternatives ). To draft this second manifesto, CADTM Belgium worked actively with ATTAC CADTM-Morocco, with members of CADTM Africa, with Papda in Haiti, with TNI,...

Participation in the climat justice movement: the CADTM supported the appeal from the popular, social and ecology movements (see in French: pour une mobilisation générale pour le climat et la justice sociale, les 20 et 21 September 2019. See

In March 2020, the CADTM Belgium, together with the other CADTMs in Europe, also initiated the publication of a Package of common demands on debt and the need for citizens’ control on finance at European level. This document, published in three languages, was developed during 2019 and published on the occasion of the beginning of the 2019-2024 legislature of the European Parliament. It aimed to present the shared findings and common demands of 39 collectives and organisations across Europe on the issue of public and private debts and on the need for real citizen control, both over the means of financing states and the management of public funds, and over banks and other credit institutions.

In 2021, in the face of the international crisis and the pandemic, CADTM Belgium, together with SIP, initiated an important Manifesto “End the system of private patents!” that received large international acclaim: List of the first 360 signatures of people who support the End the Private Patent System Manifesto! #FREECOVIDPATENTS; over 250 organisations from many countries also signed, List of signatory organisations: End the private patent system! For a pharmaceutical industry under popular control and a free, universal and public vaccination system.

Finally, in December 2021, the CADTM Belgium, in the framework of its mission as a member of the SIP, launched an appeal explaining "Why Eurozone countries’ debt to the ECB must be cancelled” This appeal received strong support in different European countries.

6. Summer Schools and Workshops

The CADTM Europe Summer Schools, like the CADTM Belgium Summer Workshops, are activities that aim to raise awareness and train Belgian citizens and others in alternatives for socially just and environmentally sustainable human development. They pursue the general objective of informing and sensitising civil society, understood in a very broad sense, to the cancellation of the debt, the abandonment of structural adjustment policies and the implementation of alternative development policies centered on the universal satisfaction of fundamental rights. Through continuing and popular education, they are also intended to turn participants towards mobilisation. The Main difference between these two events is primarily dimensional.

2016 – Summer Workshops “8h against illegitimate debt”
Summary “ Retour sur les 8h contre la Dette” (in French)
8 heures à « kicker » la dette illégitime à Bruxelles ! (in French)
2017 - 5th Summer School
Summaries : audios and videos (in French only)
Summary of the workshop "Néocolonialisme à bas (in French only)
Summary of the workshop "Les États donnés en festin aux fonds vautours (in French only)
Summary of the workshop "Femmes VS Austérité : la dette au tapis !
Opening assembly (in French only)
Summary of the workshop « Audit citoyen de la dette publique : on ne s’arrête pas !! » (in French only)
Dette écologique et grands projets inutiles et imposés à l’Université d’été du CADTM (in French only)
2018 - CADTM summer days: "2008-2018: ten years of crises, ten years of resistance!
Summary of CADTM Summer Days 2018 (in French only)
Opening assembly : 2008 - 2018 : 10 ans de crise, 10 ans de résistances (in French only)
Introduction to closing Assembly “Grève générale féministe” (in French only)
Les grèves féministes racontées à nos Rencontres d’été (in French only)
La Chine, nouvelle puissance créancière et sa stratégie des nouvelles routes de la soie (in French only)
2019 - 6e CADTM Europe Summer School: University: End of the World, End of the Month, Let’s leave the Debt Labyrinth!
Complete summary of the automn meetings (in French only)
2020 - CADTM automn meeting days: illegitimate debt, the struggle continues!
Complete summary of the automn meetings (in French only)
2021 - 2021 - 7e CADTM Europe Summer School: Global Crisis, Debt Cancellation for Social Justice!
The programme of online conferences
The programme of in presence activities (postponed)
Your debt or your life: a feminist approach to the multidimensional crisis
Plombés par la dette, quelles solutions pour les pays du Sud ? (in French only)
Should debts held by the ECB be cancelled?

7. Meetings of the CADTM International Council and enlarged JIS

The International Council (IC - established at the World Assembly in May 2013) is a coordinating body between the continental structures in which the Joint International Secretariat participates. The International Council has a mandate of 3 years and meets at least once a year. The tasks of the IC include:

  • monitoring the work of the network’s continental structures in relation to the evolution of the political context at regional and international levels;
  • the strengthening of collaboration between the continental structures of the network on the basis of the actions they have already planned;
  • launching the Main lines of action of the CADTM network in the face of the changing political context at regional and international levels;
  • overview of the work of the JIS;
  • preparing the Worldwide Network Assemblies;
  • following up the decisions taken by the Worldwide Network Assemblies.

The International Council (IC) met just after the WA in Tunis in 2016, in November 2017 in Bamako, in the margins of the CADTM Summer Universities and Meetings in Liege (Belgium) on 11-12 September 2018 and 2019, during two days of online meetings on 8-9 December 2020 and on 14 September 2021. With the restrictions linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, the online format was Maintained.

Less restrictive in many respects, this format allowed for more JIS meetings and a wider range of participants, including IC members representing all the continents where the CADTM is present as well as a representative of the Women’s Commission. These meetings took place on 8 April, 1 June, 20 July and 6 December 2021.

8. The participation of the CADTM Belgium in the coordination of feminist struggles of the international CADTM network

Since 2017, a coordination of feminist struggles of the CADTM network has been established. CADTM Belgium has actively participated in this structure which brings together women active in CADTM in Africa and Europe. An assessment of the coordination of feminist struggles is published separately.

The CADTM Belgium has been strongly involved in feminist mobilisations in recent years, whether during feminist strikes or other important initiatives. Several online conferences have also been organised, the latest of which is : Your debt or your life: a feminist approach to the multidimensional crisis.

9. The international dimension of the Lundis contre la dette and the Comptoirs de la dette organised by the CADTM Belgium

The CADTM Belgium also organises regular events such as Lundis contre la dette (LCD) in Liege and the Comptoirs de la dette (CDD) in Brussels. More than just conferences, these activities are part of a real work of popular education, created with the activists of the CADTM Belgium and the CADTM international network. Intended as pedagogical, friendly and very open activities, they propose a diversity of formats according to the topic, the objectives to be reached and the speakers. They take the form of political cafés for the presentation of publications or the presence of activists from the international network, assemblies for discussions specifically concerning social movements, animated sessions to raise greater awareness and interaction, video screenings followed by debates or more traditional conferences. The CADTM’s priority and adjacent themes are discussed in relation to current events. Above all, it is a time for meeting, training, informing and sharing, catering for both a new and a regular audience. For the CADTM Belgium, it is also an opportunity to forge links with active persons and organisations. Among others, mention the LCD « A bas le patriarcat et les violences faites aux femmes ! (in French)» on 12 March 2018 as a participation in the International Women’s Day on the 8th March; the LCD : « Dette & Migrations » (in French) organised, on 8 Janruary 2018, with l’Occupation des Sans-papiers Liege, Emmanuelle Vinois from l’asbl Point d’Appui and Collectif liégeois pour la justice migratoire and « Groupe CADTM Migrations », LCD is implicated in the european movement in defense of migrants’ rights; the LCD 11 March 2019 « En lutte pour un changement en RDC » (in French) in the presence of a La Lucha member; the LCD « Crise du Coronavirus au Nord et au Sud » (in French) on 14 March 2020 with two members of CADTM Belgium and d’Attac CADTM Morocco; not forgetting on 14 June 2021 with LCD « Résistances africaines à la domination néocoloniale » (in French).

10. Internal international Newsletter

The internal newsletter of the international network reports on the various activities of the CADTM and provides follow-up. It also promotes the strengthening of a “global vision” of the network among its members and regional coordinations.

There was an internal network newsletter in July 2017 and another in January 2018, both produced by CADTM Belgium with the help of ATTAC CADTM Morocco (produced in 3 languages by CADTM Belgium). In 2019, the liaison bulletin was sent at the end of December in French and at the beginning of January 2020 in English and Spanish. There was no international network newsletter in 2020 - 2021. A bulletin will be produced in February 2022 with all the WA documents.

11. The CADTM website

The CADTM website ( ) is Mainly available in four languages (French, English, Spanish and Portuguese). In collaboration with CADTM France, CADTM Belgium assures the technical maintenance on the site and ensures the publication of articles. ATTAC CADTM Morocco is in charge of the CADTM site in Arabic. Finally, a number of CADTM articles are available in Italian, German and Greek.

All visits to the CADTM website (total French, English, Spanish and Portugese sections))

Since 2016, several improvements have been made to the CADTM website:

  • conversion of the site to responsive design (adaptation of the site to the size of the display screen) and https (increased security)
  • Updates and add-ons:
    - ABC de la dette :
    - Highlighting the analyses and études produced by the CADTM Belgium

12. The electronic newsletter

The CADTM electronic bulletin is available in three languages (French, English and Spanish). Accompanied by an editorial, it references the latest articles written by members of the CADTM network as well as a series of external articles published on the CADTM website. The “Events” section also highlights the CADTM’s latest works and the network’s upcoming activities. The latest newsletter is also available on the website.

Newsletters French English Spanish
Publication CADTM France
Production CADTM Belgium CADTM France CADTM Belgiu
Editorials CADTM Belgium CADTM India CADTM AYNA
Frequency Weekly Monthly Monthly
Subscribers 19.000 9.500 7.600
To subscribe, all you need to do is enter your e-Mail address in the "Subscribe to Bulletin-cadtm" section opposite the "Your e-Mail address" field and click on "Subscribe". It is not necessary to enter any other information.

13. Regular updates, since October 2017, on Africa

Given the difficulty of accessing documents and information on the African continent, CADTM Belgium is collaborating with ATTAC CADTM Morocco in order to carry out a watch on social-economic document issues, mainly in French. The aim is to regularly send to the members of the network in Africa and to people who want to follow what is happening on the continent a whole series of information and documents at first hand. The letters sent include IMF team press releases, IFI and development bank reports, as well as articles from the African and international press and websites on the issues covered by the network: debt, economies, monetary policies, agriculture and food, microfinance, social situations, health, etc. The objective is to encourage debate and collective analysis.

Because of the success the number of documents sent has continually risen:

  • 2017 : 6
  • 2018 : 18
  • 2019 : 25
  • 2020 : 32 (passage to ten day regularity in April)
  • 2021 : 33

14. The CADTM and the social media networks

Although the CADTM network takes a critical view of social networks and, more broadly, of the GAFAM, these tools are nonetheless essential to ensure a large dissemination of our publications and to reach an ever-wider audience, outside of the traditional activist framework. In this respect, the CADTM Belgium administers various pages and groups on Facebook and Twitter.

Pages Followers
CADTMNETWORK (French) 14.084 (Spanish) 1.026
Cadtminternational (English) 911
Groups Members
CADTM Belgium 2.327
CADTM France 282
Twitter Followers
@CADTM_int 4.310

15. Educational videos

Since 2012, the CADTM has produced 13 educational videos. They can be found at this address:

1. 21 November 2012, A qui profite la dette ? (in French)
2. 21 July 2016, The Greek debt, a European Tragedy
3. 31 August 2016, L’ABC de la dette des pays du Sud en 11 vidéos (in French)
4. 4 April 2017, Faut-il avoir peur des fonds vautours ? (in French)
5. 24 April 2017, A qui profite la dette grecque ? Les prêts bilatéraux (in French)
6. 16 October 2017, A qui profite la dette grecque ? Les banques privées (in French)
7. 21 February 2018, Au festin des rapaces (in French)
8. 27 March 2018, A qui profite la dette grecque ? Questions pour du pognon (in French)
9. 18 June 2018, The Audit. An Enquiry into Greek Debt
10. 21 January 2019, A qui profite la dette grecque ? Le FMI (in French)
11. 11 May 2020, Que financent les banques ? (in French)
12. 15 June 2020, Qui finance les banques ? (in French)
13. 23 March 2021, SYSTÅM DËBT - How to become a wealthy creditor!!

16. Press releases

All CADTM press releases may be seen here:

2016 – 29 Press releases in French, unless otherwise stated.
1. 11 January 2016, Attac/CADTM Maroc : Élargissons la solidarité avec la lutte des stagiaires jusqu’à la victoire !
2. 13 January 2016, Cinq ans après l’insurrection révolutionnaire en Tunisie, la dette léguée par Ben Ali ne doit plus être payée
3. 24 February 2016, L’ALECA avec l’UE : Un approfondissement des mêmes politiques préjudiciables aux droits des deux peuples et une atteinte à la souveraineté nationale
4. 29 February 2016, Refusons la poursuite des négociations du Traité de Libre échange entre Mercosur et l’Union européenne (also in Spanish)
5. 3 March 2016, Reject the Imminent Agreement with the “Vulture Funds”
6. 13 March 2016, Le réseau africain pour l’annulation de la dette, solidaire avec Attac Cadtm Maroc
7. 22 March 2016, The Moroccan authorities refuse to give their approval to ATTAC Morocco in order to organize the international assembly of CADTM network
8. 6 avril 2016, France : Mobilisations contre la loi travail, un espoir en mouvement ! (Also in Spanish)
9. 8 April 2016, Attac/CADTM Maroc organise sa 12e Université de printemps les 9 et 10 avril à Marrakech
10. 8 April 2016, Les autorités locales de Marrakech ont interdit la tenue de la 12e université de printemps d’ATTAC Maroc
11. 24 April 2016, The CADTM network’s Global Assembly is to be held in Tunis from 26 to 30 April 2016
12. 2 June 2016, Le CADTM salue les décisions du Club de Paris d’annuler la dette grecque et de déposer ses statuts
13. 3 June 2016, Who has been lying : the CADTM or the Paris Club ?
14. 3 June 2016, Loi Travail : Une colère légitime, une répression inadmissible
15. 22 June 2016, The CADTM network supports the bill relating to the audit of the public debt that has just been submitted to the Tunisian parliament
16. 30 June 2016, Privatisation de Marsa Maroc : Stoppons l’hémorragie !
17. 3 July 2016, Le CADTM Afrique exprime sa solidarité au peuple nigérien
18. 3 July 2016, Le CADTM Afrique dénonce l’incendie criminel volontaire au domicile de Jean Marc BIKOKO à Yaoundé, Cameroun
19. 3 July 2016, Les autorités marocaines continuent de s’acharner sur les organisations de lutte, dont ATTAC CADTM Maroc
20. 15 September 2016, COP22 in Marrakech, Morocco: What strategy for the social movements facing climate change ?
21. 20 September 2016, ATTAC CADTM MAROC organise un séminaire sur les accords de libre échange au Maroc
22. 26 September 2016, La seconde Université du CADTM Afrique se tiendra du 7 au 9 octobre 2016 à Niamey (Niger)
23. 11 October 2016, Déclaration du CADTM Afrique à l’issue de sa seconde université d’été à Niamey (Niger)
24. 13 October 2016, Afrique : Au secours, le FMI revient en force !
25. 21 October 2016, Communiqué du CADTM Lubumbashi et Attac RD Congo
26. 21 October 2016, Un membre du CADTM jugé pour son soutien aux migrant-e-s de la « jungle » de Calais
27. 26 November 2016, La Samir : Crime économique d’État
28. 9 December 2016, Conversion de dettes tunisiennes : le CADTM International dénonce le cadeau empoisonné de la France et de la Belgique
29. 12 December 2016, The LuxLeaks and Lagarde trials: for how much longer will the judiciary protect financial delinquents?
2017 – 23 Press releases
1. 1er February 2017, Communiqué sur la situation de la Gambie
2. 20 February 2017, « Nous dénonçons l’arrestation de défenseurs de l’environnement à Bni Oukil, opposés au projet de carrière du mont Dchira »
3. 27 February 2017, Communiqué de Presse Contre le Harcèlement Judiciaire des militants de Dynamique Citoyenne à Yaoundé au Cameroun
4. 13 March 2017, Dette odieuse de Ben Ali : le gouvernement belge enterre une résolution du Sénat
5. 21 March 2017, Contre l’immixtion de la Banque mondiale dans le vote du projet de loi sur le foncier agricole au Mali
6. 21 March 2017, Verdict LuxLeaks : sortis de la zone grise mais pas pour autant blanchis !
7. 23 March 2017, En finir avec la Françafrique
8. 18 avril 2017, Contre l’arrestation des membres de Tournons la Page au Tchad et au Niger
9. 20 April 2017, Non à la privatisation de Belfius !
10. 8 May 2017, Succès du congrès d’ATTAC Maroc et élection du nouveau Secrétariat national de l’association
11. 11 May 2017, Communiqué final du sixième congrès national d’ATTAC CADTM Maroc
12. 11 June 2017, ATTAC CADTM Maroc appelle à une plus large solidarité avec les luttes en cours au Maroc
13. 22 June 2017, We demand the release of all Egyptian detainees, arrested for resisting the handover of “Tiran and Sanafir” islands to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
14. 23 July 2017, Le mouvement (hirak) du Rif : une victoire du peuple face à la répression de l’État
15. 28 August 2017, Contre l’immixtion de la Banque mondiale dans la réforme domaniale et foncière en cours au Mali
16. 18 September 2017, Franc CFA : Communiqué du CADTM Sénégal
17. 27 September 2017, The Moroccan State will be held fully responsible for any physical or psychological harm to the Rif and Hirak detainees or those that are close to them
18. 3 October 2017, Continuons les mobilisations et les résistances populaires pour la libération des détenus du Hirak du Rif et contre les politiques d’austérité
19. 4 October 2017, Le CADTM condamne fermement la répression qui s’abat sur le peuple catalan et revendique la légitimité de son auto-détermination (also in Spanish)
20. 15 October 2017, « Malheur à ceux qui bâillonnent le peuple »
21. 23 October 2017, Pour démanteler le pouvoir des multinationales et mettre fin à leur impunité
22. 30 November 2017, Côte d’Ivoire : 5e Sommet Union africaine – Union européenne : tout le monde dégage !
23. 15 December 2017, Création d’un collectif citoyen pour un audit de la dette gabonaise
2018 – 16 Press releases
1. 16 January 2018, BNP Paribas et Apple contre-ATTAC
2. 28 February 2018, Mobilisation citoyenne pour défendre la loi belge contre les Fonds Vautours attaquée devant la Cour Constitutionnelle
3. 8 March 2018, Pourquoi il faut défendre la loi belge sur les fonds vautours
4. 8 March 2018, International Day for Women’s Rights: Debt is not just a financial instrument, it is also a gendered tool
5. 26 March 2018, Pour une victoire des luttes populaires contre la brutalité d’un État qui veille sur les intérêts des créanciers et détruit la vie et les droits de notre population
6. 24 April 2018, FMI-Banque mondiale : Rien de neuf sous le soleil lors des « réunions de printemps »
7. 7 May 2018, L’ombre menaçante du FMI sur la Grèce
8. 30 May 2018, SOCFIN : bénéfices toujours en hausse… sauf pour les communautés locales
9. 31 May 2018, Corruption, poursuites-baillons, conflits fonciers : le groupe Bolloré fragilisé pour son AG annuelle
10. 1er June 2018, The Belgian Supreme Court announces its verdict : total victory against the vulture fund NML Capital
11. 11 June 2018, Le FMI et la France : encore un abus d’ingérence !
12. 5 July 2018, Soutien et solidarité avec les détenus du Hirak
13. 20 July 2018, Solidarity & support Call - Toward international organizations and activists advocating for freedom and people’s rights
14. 5 October 2018, Rodrigo Rato condemned. The IMF bad streak continues
15. 27 November 2018, Semaine mondiale d’action contre la dette et les Institutions financières internationales (IFI)
16. 26 December 2018, Communiqué sur la quatrième Ligne de précaution et de liquidité accordée par le FMI au Maroc
2019 – 10 Press releases
1. 11 January 2019, The resignation of the World Bank president should encourage countries to terminate all agreement with the Bretton Woods institutions
2. 3 March 2019, Appeal: Let’s make March 8th, 2019 a women’s strike, a day of solidarity among women
3. 24 April 2019, Municipalities and citizens movement defeat anti-democratic EU directive
4. 15 May 2019, La politique du logement accessible en Région bruxelloise reste à l’Ouest !
5. 6 June 2019, The Sudanese revolution is our honour! Down with the Transitional Military Council!
6. 24 July 2019, Puerto Rico rises...
7. 6 August 2019, Soutien à l’homme qui a tenté de s’immoler à Liège et aux autres victimes des politiques migratoires et du néo-colonialisme
8. 15 October 2019, Ensemble avec le peuple équatorien
9. 15 November 2019, Sortir du piège de la dette pour garantir la justice climatique et sociale
10. 16 December 2019, « Le Consensus de Dakar » n’est pas une rupture vers le Développement
2020 – 22 Press releases
1. 5 January 2020, Morocco: Immediate freedom for Omar Radi (Activist & Journalist)
2. 28 February 2020, Appel à rejoindre la grève féministe du 8 et 9 mars
3. 6 March 2020, Crisis on the Greece-Turkish Border : let’s have done with Fortress Europe
4. 9 March 2020, The CADTM supports the struggle of the Lebanese people to break away from social injustice and shake off the burden of illegitimate debt
5. 24 March 2020, Will Ecuador once again set an example of courage in the face of creditors?
6. 28 March 2020, Quand la crise sanitaire fait exploser la crise du logement
7. 30 March 2020, Morocco: For the suspension of the payment of micro-finance loans for a period of 6 months, renewable with exemption of all interest
8. 12 April 2020, Annulation de la dette publique des pays africains pour leur permettre de faire face à la pandémie Covid-19 (also in Spanish)
9. 12 April 2020, Non à l’utilisation de la pandémie de Coronavirus, pour plus de dette et d’austérité
10. 15 April 2020, « L’annulation massive de la dette africaine » annoncée par E. Macron accouche d’une souris
11. 16 April 2020, We Won’t Pay for Their Crises Anymore!
12. 24 April 2020, Covid-19 et dette publique : Comment éviter que le scenario de 2008 ne se reproduise ?
13. 9 June 2020, La PAPDA : Solidarité aux mouvements de protestation et de résistance qui ont lieu à travers les États-Unis (also in Spanish)
14. 6 July 2020, ATTAC CADTM Maroc soutient le journaliste et militant Omar Radi et condamne la campagne de harcèlement à son encontre
15. 15 July 2020, Solidarité avec la mobilisation du peuple malien (also in Spanish)
16. 11 August 2020, The International Aid the Lebanese People Urgently Need Must Not Be Used to Enforce Neoliberal Measures
17. 28 September 2020, Communiqué de presse : “L’extrême droite est criminelle”/Persbericht : “Extreemrechts is crimineel !”
18. 7 October 2020, CADTM rejoices the united anti-fascist mobilization in Athens on 7 October 2020 and the judgement against the neo-nazi Golden Dawn party
19. 16 October 2020, The CADTM denounces the G20’s measures on debt
20. 4 November 2020, For a united front against the payment of public and private illegitimate debts
21. 13 November 2020, Sommet mondial des banques publiques de développement : Pour les droits des peuples et la planète, contre le développement des intérêts privés
22. 26 November 2020, Le temps est venu de refonder la politique commerciale européenne
2021 – 17 Press releases
1. 9 April 2021, World Bank / IMF / G20 Spring Meetings Paltry measures doomed to failure
2. 18 May 2021, To confront the pandemic and the global capitalist crisis, the alter-globalisation movement must be relaunched
3. 21 May 2021, Le véritable New Deal avec l’Afrique c’est d’en finir avec son pillage et le néocolonialisme !
4. 25 May 2021, Solidarity with the Palestinian People
5. 31 May 2021, La politique migratoire européenne et le régime marocain sont tous les deux responsables du drame de Ceuta (also in Spanish)
6. 8 June 2021, More than 350 personalities from all over the world support the Manifesto “End the Private Patent System”
7. 10 June 2021, Des banques belges réalisent des profits en temps de crise sur le dos des pays du Sud
8. 20 September 2021, Fin du Doing Business de la Banque mondiale… jusqu’à quand ?
9. 28 September 2021, Troisième édition de l’Université du CADTM Afrique
10. 5 October 2021, En parallèle d’un sommet Afrique-France relooké, organisation d’un contre-sommet à Montpellier du 6 au 10 octobre
11. 7 October 2021, Communiqué du Collectif contre-sommet Afrique-France 2021 : Arrestation des militants sans-papiers
12. 15 October 2021, Debt Crisis: a wasted G20 Summit
13. 19 October 2021, Assemblées annuelles de la Banque mondiale et du FMI : Le vide abyssal (also in Portuguese)
14. 4 November 2021, 9 days of events in Dakar to boost the CADTM international network’s struggle against illegitimate debt and to contribute to internationalist and feminist answers to the multidimensional crisis of capitalism
15. 4 November 2021, Le rapport des experts nommés par la Commission parlementaire sur le passé colonial belge : Un pas important sur la question des réparations et pour l’annulation de la dette illégitime de la République démocratique du Congo
16. 16 November 2021, A success for CADTM: the world assembly of the network, held in Dakar from 13-16 November, 2021
17. 29 November 2021, For an immediate release of Fatima Zahra Ould Belaid, member of ATTAC CADTM Morocco

17. The magazine AVP - Les autres voix de la planète

The CADTM publishes a magazine entitled AVP - Les autres voix de la planète. It examines all debt related themes through articles, analyses, examples... It is published in French only and is available on our website and at CADTM activities in Belgium and France.

AVPs are consultable and telechargable here:, by subscription or purchase.

Dette écologique et extractivisme
Dette sociale, qui doit à qui ?
Dettes privées illégitimes
Fonds vautours, les ailes de la dévastation
Pour une socialisation des banques
Dettes coloniales et réparations
Dettes aux Suds
Dette, coronavirus et alternatives
Des audits pour démonter la dette
Dette et migrations, divisions internationales au service du capital
Soon: Dette et féminismes

As from 2022, AVP will be annual.

18. Books

CADTM Belgium, Répondre aux questions qui piquent sur la dette et l’austérité
Olivier Bonfond, Il faut tuer TINA - 200 propositions pour rompre avec le fatalisme et changer le monde

CADTM Belgium, La Belgique donnée en festin aux fonds vautours : Organisons la contre-attaque ! (also in Spanish)

ATTAC/CADTM Maroc, Le microcrédit au Maroc : quand les pauvres financent les riches. Etude de terrain et analyse du système du microcrédit

Éric Toussaint, Stathis Kouvelakis, Benjamin Lemoine, History of the CADTM Anti-Debt Policies

Éric Toussaint, The Debt System, A History of Sovereign Debts and their Repudiation. Also published in Spanish, italian, French (original language), Arabic, Greek and Polish. Swedish and Turkish editions will appear soon.
ACiDe, 15 choses que vous devriez savoir sur la dette de Liège

GACDAC, France : Rapport d’audit de la dette de l’assurance chômage

ACiDe, Répercussions des mesures gouvernementales sur les communes
ReCommonsEurope, Manifesto for a New Popular Internationalism in Europe

CADTM Belgium, Comprendre la dette grecque - Outils vidéo et livret pédagogique
Renaud Duterme, Petit manuel pour une géographie de combat

Éric Toussaint, Greece 2015: There was an alternative, published in French, English, Spanish and Greek..

ReCommons Europe, Impact of European policies on the Global South and possible alternatives

ATTAC/CADTM Maroc, Femmes du Maroc à l’ère de la mondialisation
Éric Toussaint, Banque mondiale : Une histoire critique. Published in French and sent-out to members in December 2021. The book was published in Brazil in May 2021 and will be available in Spanish and English in 2022. An Arabic version is also in preparation..
April/May 2022, Camille Bruneau, Christine Vanden Daelen, Nos vies valent plus que leurs crédits. Face aux dettes, des réponses féministes,Le Passager Clandestin.

CADTM Belgium