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Press release
Hungary: CADTM denounces government’s outrageous schemes to enforce a neoliberal economic policy
24 September 2006

Hungary has faced its third week of demonstrations against Prime Minister, Ferenc Gyurcsany, member of the Socialist Party, a recording of whom revealed last Sunday the lies and the basically anti-democratic behaviour.

In order to win parliamentary elections last April, the Prime Minister has knowingly concealed to the people the neoliberal measures and the social regressions he was going to decide once the ballot finished.

CADTM understands the exasperation and anger of the Hungarian people, who wanted to oppose by his vote to the International Monetary Fund and World Bank diktats, but who is going to suffer directly from them because of an unworthy, today illegitimate, power.

It is clear now that the defenders of neoliberal globalisation, supported by the IMF and the World Bank in their catastrophic undertaking, are ready to use any means to reach their goal.

« We were lying in the morning, we were lying in the evening », said Gyurcsany, thus making it clear that such decisions were largely premeditated.

It is almost certain that many other countries have suffered from such behaviours without any unexpected recording revealing the cynicism, hypocrisies and dishonesty of their leaders.

Economic measures in question are largely used throughout the world, imposed for 25 years by the international financial institutions, the World Trade Organisation, the United States, the European Union and many other actors. These measures, which consist mostly in all-out liberalisation, massive privatisations, huge reductions in social budgets, attacks against social protections and setting up of a tax-system that protects income from the capital and worsen inequalities, trample on democracy and prevent the basic human rights from being guaranteed.

CADTM demands the resignation of Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany and that of all those who have used such schemes throughout the world to impose such policies.

Finally, CADTM demands the definitive abandonment of structural adjustment policies imposed by the IMF and the World Bank, and the non-negotiable respect of democratic principles.

Translation : Aurélie Vitry (CADTM Orléans).