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24 February 2016

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30 september 2016

In his fifth and penultimate interview on CADTM’s history and its engagement with the debt-cancellation movement, Eric Toussaint explores the Greek experience between 2010 and the Syriza government’s accession to office (as opposed to power) in January 2015. While it certainly began as a spring of hope it quickly became a winter of despair! See also, Eleni Portaliou’s article on the rampant privatisation going on in Greece.

While Anouk Renaud analyses the Greek situation a year after the infamous third memorandum on the 14 August 2015, Daniel Munevar examines the IMF’s report on the Euro crisis that reveals conflicts and contradictions, within the organisation, over its handling of the debt-crises in Greece, Portugal and Ireland.

In the Philippines, 40 years ago, a presidential decree by Ferdinand Marcos prioritised debt payments over any social-sector spending. Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC) leads the protests against this practice and also calls for a comprehensive debt-audit. In an interesting article Eric Toussaint says that the US set the example, for Greece, Cyprus, Portugal or the Philippines, today, by the repudiation of the debt demanded by Spain from Cuba, in 1898.

India will host, in pompous fashion, the 8th annual BRICS summit in October. Patrick Bond exposes the predatory financing by the New Development Bank and the sub-imperialist politics of the BRICS.

For how many years must the World Bank continue to enjoy immunity, before we are totally ruined? Sushovan Dhar challenges the World Bank's immunity that has been a convenient tool to loot and devastate, in the World Bank’s own particular way. The article that exposes the World Bank’s tacit support of forced-labour in Uzbekistan is particularly edifying.

After the COP21 in Paris, Morocco will host the COP 22 in Marrakech. ATTAC-CADTM Morocco believes that resisting climate change is not about finding technical solutions; rather, the ecological crisis is one of the most dangerous aspects of the systemic crisis of capitalism. Looking for radical alternatives, ATTAC-CADTM Morocco is committed to mobilise around COP22, in order to highlight forms of resistance aimed at achieving social and environmental justice. Robin Delobel’s article on the environmental friendliness of “renewables” and RemiVilain’s critique of the “New Green Revolution” present some of the important ecological questions.
Debt in history
  • The USA’s repudiation of the debt demanded by Spain from Cuba in 1898: What about Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, etc.?
    Eric Toussaint
    The USA declared war on Spain in the middle of 1898, and sent their navy and troops to (...)
  • Ecology
  • Tata Mundra Project: Time to End World Bank Immunity
    Sushovan Dhar
    Fisher-folks, farmers and marginal wage earners in Gujarat, India were shocked to hear about (...)
  • COP22 in Marrakech, Morocco: What strategy for the social movements facing climate change ?
    Morocco is preparing to host the Conference of the Parties (COP22) on climate change in (...)
  • Are renewables really environmentally friendly?
    Robin Delobel
    “Africa is at the sharp end of the consequences of climate change, despite only being (...)
  • International Institutions
  • Doing without advice from Deloitte?
    Jérôme Duval
    Nicknamed the “Big Four” Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Ernst & Young (EY), KPMG and Price Water (...)
  • World Bank Knew Agriculture Loans to Uzbekistan Support Forced Labor
    Sputnik News
    World Bank has been aiding and abetting the Uzbek government’s gross human-rights abuses, which (...)
  • UNCTAD14: A mirage of distorting mirrors
    Yash Tandon
    People not versed in the complexities of the diplomatic world of distorted mirror images in (...)
  • ’TTIP Stalls, WTO and FTAs Must Fall’
    La Via Campesina
    On September the 10th, the International Day of Action Against WTO, La Via Campesina, the (...)
  • BRICS banking and the debate over sub-imperialism
    Patrick Bond
    ABSTRACT: Notionally funded at $100 billion each, the BRICS Contingent Reserve Arrangement (...)
  • Audit
  • Philippines: Duterte’s Budget, Foreign Debts and Pork Barrel
    Business World, Freedom from Debt Coalition, YAP D. J.
    MANILA, Philippines – The Duterte administration’s proposed 2017 national budget has allocated (...)
  • Philippines: For debt audit and repeal of automatic debt servicing
    Freedom from Debt Coalition, Butch Fernandez
    FDC calls on PDU30 to prioritize debt audit, repeal of 40 year-old auto-debt payments MANILA, (...)
  • Greece
  • Greece: Leaders’ Ambivalence regarding debt and the financial system, even though resistance started on a promising note
    Eric Toussaint, Benjamin Lemoine
    Interview with Eric Toussaint, spokesperson and co-founder of the international network of the (...)
  • The IMF’s IEO Evaluation of the Greek Program: Going beyond a Mea Culpa?
    Daniel Munevar
    The Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) of the IMF recently published its report on the (...)
  • Greece: A Country for Sale
    Eleni Portaliou
    The most persistent myth concerning Syriza’s capitulation to the troika is that it was a “forced (...)
  • Africa
  • IMF increasing its influence in sub-Saharan Africa
    Bretton Woods Project
    SUMMARY * IMF increasingly active in sub-Saharan African states * New loan contemplated for (...)
  • Vulture funds
  • CNCD, CADTM and 11.11.11 Against Vulture Funds
    For more information in english, read : Belgian legislation against vulture funds should be (...)
  • Tackling vulture funds: New UNHRC report demands a human rights approach
    Tiago Stichelmans
    At its upcoming session on 20 September, the UN Human Rights Council will discuss a new report, (...)
  • Social movements
  • Investment chapters in Trade Agreements
    Piedad Mancero
    Submitted at the World Social Forum by invitation of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, - Berlin, (...)
  • Alternatives
  • Europe: No “LEXIT” without “Another Europe Possible” - based on struggles in/outside/against the EU
    Catherine Samary
    Since the Greek trauma – both the neo-colonial diktat from the Euro-group and agreement by (...)
  • Audita Sanidad – Audit Healthcare
    Audita Sanidad
    The citizen working group on a healthcare debt audit “Audit Healthcare”, launched in April 2013 (...)
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