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2 September 2017

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25 january

While history has been shaped by class struggles, debt has been an integral part of the class war waged by the privileged classes against the dis-privileged, oppressed and the neglected. Eric Toussaint explains why and how “Debt is a determining factor in History.” Jerome Duval demystifies the colonial “discovery” of the new continents; in reality a history of naked occupation and genocide.

CADTM’s Bamako Seminar aroused the enthusiastic participation of delegates from different parts of Africa, as well as, participants from Argentina, Belgium, France and India. The Seminar and the international meetings and exchanges amongst activists at Mali strengthened the realization that our struggles must be reinforced on the international level, against policies of indebtedness pandering to imperialism and against all forms of exploitation and oppression.

The North-Africa seminar on free trade agreements, agriculture and food sovereignty in Morocco by ATTAC-CADTM in December, reaffirmed our absolute rejection of all capitalistic ‘alternatives’ in the fields of agriculture and fisheries, which deplete resources and energy, destroy biodiversity, pollute the environment and negatively impact our health.

When, in a rare case, the US demanded the cancellation of the Iraqi debt, pleading its odious nature, this had little to do with social justice. It was only a political bargaining card in the US's West-Asian ambitions. Nevertheless, this under-documented story is highly relevant in our research and our proposals against all illegitimate, illegal, odious and unsustainable debts.

We also bring you news and articles about the Impacts of investment arbitration court decisions ruling against Latin American and the Caribbean countries, Ugandan foreign debt, the Belgian law against vulture funds, Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and the Least Developed Countries (LDCs), micro-credit and poverty, Portuguese debt, water privatisation in Indonesia, Iranian revolt, Egyptian crisis, and more.

  • The Bamako Seminar, The CADTM network reinforces the struggle against illegitimate debt !
    Nathan Legrand, Fatima Zahra El Beghiti
    The CADTM International network delegations met in Bamako, Mali, from 15 to 25 November 2017 to (...)
  • Final declaration of the Maghreb seminar: ‘Free trade’ agreements and food sovereignty
    On December 15, 16 and 17, 2017, ATTAC Morocco, a member of the global network for the (...)
  • Debt in the history
  • Debt is a determining factor in History
    Eric Toussaint
    Sovereign debt has been a crucial factor in a series of major historical events. From the early (...)
  • Occupation and genocide disguised as “discovery”
    Jérôme Duval
    “We have been told, and still are, that it was the pilgrims of the Mayflower that populated (...)
  • Iraq - Odious debt
  • The Odious Iraqi Debt
    Eric Toussaint
    This article, originally written towards the end of 2003, is now published on our website for (...)
  • vulture funds
  • Law against the activities of vulture funds
    Belgian State
    CADTM (Committee for the Abolition of Illegitimate Debt) is releasing the text of the Belgian (...)
  • Debt in Northern countries
  • “Sellouts in the Room:” Éric Toussaint on the Greek Debt Crisis and SYRIZA Capitulation
    Eric Toussaint, Michael Nevradakis
    ATHENS, GREECE – For years, throughout the severe economic crisis that has plagued Greece over (...)
  • [Podcast] Interview with Eric Toussaint on Greece’s debt and possible solutions
    Eric Toussaint, Dialogos Radio
    An interview with Eric Toussaint of the CADTM and scientific director of the Greek Truth (...)
  • The EU chooses to defend big capital and not majority interest: Serbia is not the only guinea pig
    Eric Toussaint, Stefan Slavković
    Éric Toussaint granted this interview to Stefan Slavković from the Serbian weekly NIN. Eric (...)
  • An Agenda for Europe: The struggle for the solution of the debt and the Euro
    Francisco Louça
    In this brief text I reflect on the international context and the European crisis on the basis (...)
  • Africa - Neocolonialism
  • The case for repudiation of Uganda’s public debt
    Mary Serumaga
    Uganda is in imminent danger of defaulting on its debt repayment obligations. The Auditor (...)
  • The revival of the Commonwealth: an opportunity for further exploitation or a time to correct past wrongs?
    Mary Serumaga
    The Origins of the Commonwealth ‘Commonwealth’ is a word being heard with increasing frequency in (...)
  • Iran - IMF
  • The IMF mission to Iran expressed enthusiastic support for elimination of the universal cash transfer
    Peter Bakvis
    Some colleagues will have seen the communiqué issued by the ITUC on Thursday concerning the (...)
  • The Rage of the Poor in Iran
    Araz Bağban
    The protests against the high cost of living in the cities of Khorasan province on December (...)
  • Debt crisis
  • Debt sustainability review: Tinkering around the edges while crises loom
    Tim Jones, Mark Perera
    Under the joint Debt Sustainability Framework (DSF) of the World Bank and IMF (Bretton Woods (...)
  • Private debt
  • How the Bank’s push for microcredit failed the poor
    Milford Bateman
    Popularised in the 1980s by the work of future (in 2006) Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Muhammad (...)
  • Egypt
  • The Roots of the Egyptian Crisis
    Joel Beinin
    Egypt’s current crisis highlights the flawed foundations of its post-revolutionary state. But (...)
  • International Institutions - International law - World Bank
  • ISDS in numbers
    Cecilia Olivet, Bettina Müller, Luciana Ghiotto
    Impacts of investment arbitration against Latin America and the Carribbean Latin American and (...)
  • Asia - China - Commercial agreements
  • Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and the Least Developed Countries (LDCs)
    Sudhir Shrestha
    When Belt and Road Forum (BRF) was held on May 14-15, 2017 in Beijing, four Least Developed (...)
  • Capitalism - Poverty
  • 2018 Report on world inequality: an undisputable diagnosis
    World Inequality Lab
    This is a synthesis of the 2018 report on world inequality, coordinated by Facundo Alvaredo, (...)
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