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BRICS in Africa
by Patrick Bond
12 November 2013

BRICS in Africa, anti-imperialist, sub-imperialist or in between?
a reader for the Durban Summit


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Introduction to Brics and brics-from-below
Patrick Bond

The Brics come to Durban
Maite Nkoana-Mashabane

Recommendations from academics to Brics
The 5th Brics Academic Forum

Brics as radical shift – or mere relocation of power?
Fatima Shabodien

Will SA’s new pals be so different from the West?
Peter Fabricius

Brics and the ANC sell-out to international capital
Patrick Bond

Brics as a spectre of alliance
Anna Ochkina

Brics viewed positively from Moscow
Vladimir Shubin

From Nepad to Brics, SA’s toll at the ‘gateway to Africa’
Patrick Bond

Brics grab African land and sovereignty
Tomaso Ferrando

A day-light robbery in Ethiopia
Obang Metho

Brics cook the climate
Patrick Bond

Vale leads corporates in offsetting and ‘false solutions’
Friends of the Earth International

Brics lessons from Mozambique
Bobby Peek

Watchdogging the Brics Bank
Carlos Tautz

The Brics’ dangerous endorsement of ‘financial inclusion’
Susanne Soederberg

Brics, the semi-periphery and future progress
Chris Chase-Dunn

Will Brics change the course of history?
Oliver Stuenkel

Scramble, resistance and a new non-alignment strategy
Sam Moyo and Paris Yeros

Future trajectories for Brics
Achin Vanaik

So, are the Brics ‘sub-imperialist’?
Patrick Bond

Patrick Bond

is professor at the University of Johannesburg Department of Sociology, and co-editor of BRICS and Resistance in Africa (published by Zed Books, 2019).