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2015 IREE’s Ecosocialist School

Here is the programme of the IIRE’s Ecosocialist School to which some delegates from CADTM network will participate.

 Module 1. Concepts in Marxism

Saturday 21 November
1. Introduction: historical materialism method / place of Marxism in history
by Alex Merlo

Sunday 22 November
2. Mode of production / mode of reproduction, women’s oppression in capitalism) by Susan Pashkoff

Monday 23 November
3. Relationship human society/nature, productivism by Marijke Colle

Tuesday 24 November
4. Feminism, Marxism and intersectionality: class, gender, race and sexuality as mutually constitutive by Nadia Demond

Wednesday 25 November
5. Class: objective definitions, shifting contours, subjective expressions (migration, generations, gender) by Léon Crémieux

Thursday 26 November: Free day

Friday 27 November
6. Long waves and crises: economic, ecological, civilizationalby Henri Wilno

 Module 2. Deepening globalisation and its contradictions

Saturday 28 November
7. From the highest stage of capitalism to globalization: imperialisms and sub imperialisms, uneven and combined development by Alex De Jong

Sunday 29 November
8. Climate, food crisis, energy and peasant struggles and migration (women’s struggles) by Marijke Colle

Monday 30 November
9. China’s global role: challenging the US by Pierre Rousset

Tuesday 1 December
10. EU imperialism and the case of Greece by Eric Toussaint

Wednesday 2 December
12. Reactionary fundamentalisms and nationalism on the rise (including attacks on immigrants’ women’s and lgbt rights)by Terry Conway

Thursday 3 December: Free day

 Module 3. Strategic questions in changing the world

Friday 4 December
US imperialism and the challenges it faces in the Middle East by Julien Salingue

Saturday 5 December
13. New horizons of international and anti-racist solidarity: climate refugees, natural disasters, femonationalism/homonationalism and feminist/queer anti-imperialism, anti-austerity and labour by Peter Drucker

Sunday 6 December
14. Climate change and social transformation

Monday 7 December
15. New parties of the left: reformism in opposition or government (Syriza, Podemos, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Uruguay)
Brais Fernández

Tuesday 8 December
16. Democracy in society and state: under capitalism and in the transition to socialism (self-organisation and self-management, plan and market) by Catherine Samary

Wednesday 9 December
17. The feminist challenge in changing society: feminizing our perspectives and our movements by Penny Duggan

Thursday 10 December
18. The strategic importance of internationalism and the role of an international by Alex de Jong

Friday 11 December
Evaluation, cleaning

 Appeal for donations

Dear friends of the IIRE,

The IIRE’s upcoming Ecosocialist School this November is looking to become again a truly internationalist activity with participants from five continents. Participants are coming from Haiti, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Colombia, India, Belgium, Netherlands, the Democratic Republic of Congo and other countries.

Participants in the schools have described them as ’very rich and important places’ to ’form an internationalist perspective’ and as valuable opportunities to learn from ’struggles of the peoples from around the globe’. The international attention for the school shows it fulfills a need of activists to discuss strategy, exchange views and prepare a long term engagement for a more just and sustainable world.

At the same time, this global participation poses another challenge for us. The increase of participants and the wider reach of the school also mean an increase in the money needed. Participating organizations make large contributions to the travel costs but social movements from the Global South need our solidarity to make the most of their participation. That is why we appeal to everyone to contribute to the school with donations large and small. Your money will help to make possible the participation of activists from the Global South who contribute an essential perspective to our social justice movements.

Contributions can be made out to:
SOWS (Stichting voor Onderzoek naar en Vorming in het Wetenschappelijk Socialisme)
Address: Postbus 1962
1000 BZ Amsterdam
Account number: 1039161
IBAN : NL55INGB0001039161
Bank: ING
Postbus 1800
1102 BW
The Netherlands
(please mark your donations as ’school’)

You can find recordings of our previous sessions on iire.org.

Support the IIRE
To make a continued extension of the work of the IIRE possible, we have launched a call for people to support us with a monthly donation. One hundred people donating 25 euro monthly would ensure the long-term financial sustainability of the IIRE, enabling the staff to further develop our effort to renew socialist thought through seminars and schools, educating new generations of activists and continuing and expanding our publication line. As a thank you, everyone who donates at least 25 euro per month will receive a free subscription to all the IIRE publications serie. Donations can be made out to the above account. Please contact us if you want to receive our Notebooks.


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