5th international meeting of CADTM Latin America and the Caribbeans

Montevideo – Uruguay 9 – 10 - 11 October 2014

15 October 2014 by CADTM

The 5th international meeting CADTM Latin America and the Caribbeans was preceded by a press conference on 8th October 2014 in which the delegates presented the priorities of the movements.

The following medias and the journalist were present: Hernán Reyes (Telám Argentina, the official Argentine news agency), Eugenia Rodriguéz Cattaneo (Hispan TV) Fabián Cardozo, Carlos Castillo (DPA, the German news agency) and Aram Aharonian (one of the founders of Telesur; these days, he runs the site http://questiondigital.com/ and actively participates in other sites like http://www.nodal.am/ ). The German news agency made a press dispatch (see:http://cadtm.org/CADTM-Piden-en-Uruguay-retomar) which was picked up by different medias including the Mexican ones. This was as well covered by the Argentine news agency TELAM (see http://www.telam.com.ar/notas/201410/81080-fondos-buitre—justicia-nueva-york-griesa-soberania-argentina—eric-toussaint.html). It was followed by the long interview published in Tiempo Argentino, one of the leading newspapers of Argentina, on Sunday, October 12 2014 (see: http://tiempo.infonews.com/nota/134949/los-buitres-son-la-vanguardia-de-la-politica-exterior-de-ee-uu also accessible on http://cadtm.org/Los-buitres-son-la-vanguardia-de ).

This is the first time that CADTM Latin America and the Caribbeans had a meeting at the Uruguayan capital. The occasion marked the presence of : 3 delegates from CADTM Colombia (William Gaviria, Camila Galinda and John Freddy Gomez), 4 delegates from ATTAC CADTM Argentina (Maria Elena Saludas, Salomé Vuarant, Julio Gambina and Jorge Marchini), a number of delegates from the Platform DESCAM – CADTM Uruguay (whose main organizer is Ramiro Chimuris), 2 delegates from CADTM Venezuela (Farah Antor, ex-member of the Andean parliament and Gonzalo Gomez, founder of the site www.aporrea.org which receives 3 millions visits every month), Camille Chalmers of PAPDA – CADTM Haiti, Jose Meneses from the Citizen’s Audit of the Debt of Brazil as well as Eric Toussaint, representing the international secretariat of CADTM.

The agenda of the meeting was:
1. An evaluation of the international situation (the evolution of the global crisis, Argentina’s conflict with the vulture funds Vulture funds
Vulture fund
Investment funds who buy, on the secondary markets and at a significant discount, bonds once emitted by countries that are having repayment difficulties, from investors who prefer to cut their losses and take what price they can get in order to unload the risk from their books. The Vulture Funds then pursue the issuing country for the full amount of the debt they have purchased, not hesitating to seek decisions before, usually, British or US courts where the law is favourable to creditors.
, the evolution of progressive governments in Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador.
2. The activities of the organizations participating in the meeting.
3. The activities of CADTM’s international secretariat (the process of sharing the international secretariat between ATTAC-CADTM Morocco and CADTM Belgium, the preparations for the next World Social Forum to be held in Tunisia at the end of March 2015.
4. Reinforcing the collaboration with other networks in Latin America which works on debt (Latindadd and Jubilee South Americas).
5. The next publication of the debt figures 2015 by CADTM.
6. The programme of activities of CADTM Latin America and the Caribbeans in 2015. It must be emphasized that debt as a theme has come back at the center of political agenda due to the conflict between Argentina and the vulture funds. (see http://cadtm.org/Les-fonds-vautours-sont-une-avant) as well as http://cadtm.org/Reflexions-initiales-quant-a-la).

Like every year, CADTM AYNA combined the internal meeting with a programme of public activities. This year, there was an international seminar titled Latin Americas and the Caribbeans. “Process for continental integration/ alternatives/ development models/ natural and energy resources/ where do we go?” There were twelve speakers in the seminar. Other than the delegates of the CADTM meeting, a number of people were invited to speak. Julio Chirino, the Venezuelan ambassador in Uruguay presented his vision of the difficult process of the integration in course; Aristides Cortis, an Argentine magistrate with huge experience since he was already a judge in the beginning of the decade of 1970s before the military dictatorship (1976-1983). He is currently a substitute judge at the Argentine Supreme court. Aristides Cortis developed a strong point documented on the legal fights experienced in Argentina during the last decade around the question of the reconquest of sovereignty, the control and the imposition of the multinationals... A number of Uruguayan speakers (Enrique Viana, Gabriela Núñez, Juan Lluberas) also presented various issues concerning the debt, the bilateral treaties, the environmental destruction, the social inequality,… We also had a video conference with Javier Echaide of ATTAC-CADTM Argentina so that he could explain the work of the audit commission of the bilateral treaties set up by the Ecuadorian government in 2013. This commission will finish its work by the beginning of 2015. Aram Aharonian, (one of the founders of Telesur) highlighted the media power in the hands of the right-wing and big-capital and the international campaigns of disinformation, conducted to discredit the social struggles and the progressive governments.

The seminar which took place on Thursday, 9th October was followed by a public conference in the next evening in the academic hall of the Montevideo university. The title of the conference : “Global public debt, international rights, human rights in 21st century”. The venue for the meeting was eminently symbolic since it is here in 1962 that Che Guevara spoke in a famous meeting denouncing the expulsion of Cuba from the OAS (Organization of American States) under pressures from the United States.
Julio Gambina, Eric Toussaint, Aristides Corti, Camille Chalmers, Dardo Arigón, Camila Gaalinda and Maria Elena Saludas spoke at the conference. It ended with a recital by a popular Uruguayan singer.

The next day, Saturday, 11th October 2014, CADTM AYNA held a long session to lead an in depth discussion on the current political evolution in Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Haiti, Argentina and Uruguay. The delegates returned to their respective [1] countries on Sunday 12th October while the Bolivian people reelected Evo Morales... for a third presidential term with a majority of 62 %!


[1Eric Toussaint continued to Buenos Aires for a series of hectic activities : Tuesday 14th October, a large forum for the suspension of debt (see http://cadtm.org/Audiencia-Publica-Deuda-y-Comision); Wednesday 15th October, a meeting at the parliament with deputies and senators in favour of launchimg a parliamentary commission for the debt audit (see http://cadtm.org/Deuda-y-Soberania-en-America); 17th October, in La Plata city, a big conference on the current crisis and the new financial architecture to build (Eric Toussaint will speak along with Gérard Duménil and Marcelo Carcanholo, see the complete programme :http://prezi.com/9jcwxxzyazla/vii-jornadas-de-economia-critica/). Besides, a number of important Argentine media have contacted Eric Toussaint for different interviews. To follow…

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