Declaration of solidarity with the social movements in Haiti

19 February by Assembly of Social Movements

The Assembly of Social Movements gathered in the context of the World Social Forum expresses its solidarity with the Haitian People who are living a dramatic situation resulting from a generalised chaos fabricated and maintained by US imperialism in
alliance with the Haitian extreme right wing that has monopolised power with the support of the imperialist powers since 2011.

The Haitian people, who throughout their heroic history have made essential contributions to the construction of strategies for the emancipation of the peoples, deserve today the solidarity of all the peoples of the world who are fighting for freedom and self-determination.

The solution to the current problems is not through a new intervention of foreign forces controlled by the United States and coordinated by the Kenyan government. The real solution lies in respecting the will of the Haitian people, as expressed for example in the Montana agreements, which allow to trace the path towards a transition of rupture that will allow to free the country from the policies of the IMF IMF
International Monetary Fund
Along with the World Bank, the IMF was founded on the day the Bretton Woods Agreements were signed. Its first mission was to support the new system of standard exchange rates.

When the Bretton Wood fixed rates system came to an end in 1971, the main function of the IMF became that of being both policeman and fireman for global capital: it acts as policeman when it enforces its Structural Adjustment Policies and as fireman when it steps in to help out governments in risk of defaulting on debt repayments.

As for the World Bank, a weighted voting system operates: depending on the amount paid as contribution by each member state. 85% of the votes is required to modify the IMF Charter (which means that the USA with 17,68% % of the votes has a de facto veto on any change).

The institution is dominated by five countries: the United States (16,74%), Japan (6,23%), Germany (5,81%), France (4,29%) and the UK (4,29%).
The other 183 member countries are divided into groups led by one country. The most important one (6,57% of the votes) is led by Belgium. The least important group of countries (1,55% of the votes) is led by Gabon and brings together African countries.
and the domination of US imperialism that seeks to organise a plunder of the country’s resources.

Down with the war against the Haitian people!
Long live the conquest of peace and self-determination for the Haitian people!

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