False Dilemmas: A Critical Guide to the Euro Zone Crisis

23 January 2015 by Corporate Watch

With Syriza expected to win in the Greek elections this weekend, the public debate around the European crisis has been reignited, and it will soon get feverish. This is a great opportunity for us to disseminate radical analysis about the crisis, and help unravel the mainstream story.

For all interested and involved in anti-austerity movements and debt resistance across Europe, or want to get the basics about the euro crisis but don’t know where to start - this is for you! With an emphasis on Greece, it covers the why, what and how of the crisis, providing arguments to debunk austerity, tools for debt resistance, and lots of inspiration from social movements.

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No matter what you think about Syriza, this report explains in detail why Greece is fully justified in rejecting the bailout agreements. It contains numerous embarrassing officials’ quotes that debunk the myths built around the European debt crisis, and explain what has really been happening.

Look inside and find out:
> How to debunk the common myths about the crisis, and learn about what’s really going on.
> How to counter the arguments about austerity
> Who profits from the crisis? Who funds the bailouts and why?
> Arguments and strategies for debt resistance.
> Information on the resistance and the alternatives arising from the grassroots.

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