For an immediate release of Fatima Zahra Ould Belaid, member of ATTAC CADTM Morocco

2 December 2021 by ATTAC/CADTM Morocco

Police officers arrested Fatima Zahra Ould Belaid, activist of ATTAC CADTM Morocco, on November 25, 2021 at her home in Tangier. The prosecutor ordered her imprisonment on the basis of a complaint lodged by the establishment (Hasnouna organization for drug addicts) in which she worked. Fatima Zahra had already been fired for defending union rights and workers’ demands. She had taken legal action against this abusive decision and to assert her rights. Establishment officials who refused any solution to this labor dispute later fabricated a charge of theft to deprive Fatima Zahra of her rights.

But it is rather Fatima’s involvement in current rising struggles of graduated unemployed youth that explains her pursuit. Indeed, as unemployed graduate, Fatima joined the great protest movement against the decision of the Ministry of National Education to exclude gradated over 30 years to pass public teacher’s exam. She has actively participated in the movement of graduated young people who are fighting against unemployment.

The state is terrified by the expansion of this movement which will truly challenge its neoliberal policies. He tries to slow it down by repression and arrests.

The complaint filed by the Hasnouna NGO was knowingly used by the authorities who were looking for an alibi to put an end to the activism of our comrade Fatima Zahra. In addition, another complaint was filed against her by the dean of the Faculty of Legal and Economic Sciences of Tangier accusing her of having organized unauthorized gatherings and chanted slogans in the establishment. Two personnel computers were also seized from his home by the police.

We at ATTAC CADTM Morocco:

  • We welcome the struggles of young unemployed graduates and students against economic and social policies hostile to the aspirations of the vast majority of the population;
  • Condemn the arrest of our comrade Fatima Zahra Ould Belaid, and demand his immediate and unconditional release;
  • Denounce all forms of prohibition and repression which undermine trade union freedoms and the right to protest;
  • We reiterate our demand for the release of our colleague journalist Omar Radi and all political prisoners;
  • We renew our determination to engage in the struggles and resistance of our people.

National Secretariat
Attac Maroc, member of the CADTM International network

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