Full solidarity with the fight of our comrade Omar Radi who is on hunger strike for almost 2 weeks

22 April 2021 by ATTAC/CADTM Morocco

Omar Radi, investigative journalist and human rights activist, has been on hunger strike since April 9 against his continued detention and to demand his immediate release. His state of health is becoming very critical.

This is also the case for Soulaiman Raissouni, a journalist known in Morocco for his articles criticizing the regime, in detention since May 2020.

Omar Radi is an opponent of despotism and defends body and soul as the cause of his people and their struggles. He has been subject of smear campaigns, and prosecution in detention since July 29, 2020 with 4 charges: espionage, undermining the internal security of the state, indecent assault, and rape. Omar continued his fight despite permanent harassments of the oppressors who pursued him night and day, tracking each single movement. They want to make him pay the price for his principles and his commitments. He shoulders it with a clear conscience on behalf of this young generation which aspires to another Morocco, a Morocco of dignity, freedom and social justice.

ATTAC CADTM Morocco warmly welcomes this spirit of resistance and self-sacrifice embodied by Omar Radi in this period of pandemic. A pandemic that is used by the government to further limit public freedoms, criminalize social struggles and harass voices that reject neoliberal policies that generalize austerity and poverty.

ATTAC CADTM Morocco condemn strongly this climate of repression and calls for:

  • immediate cease of prosecution of our comrade Omar Radi, and his immediate release, as well as that of Soulmaine Raissouni, and all political prisoners.
  • Amplification of solidarity to save the life of Omar Radi and Soulaiman Raissouni.
  • unification of all democratic organizations efforts and struggle to face the widespread offensive against freedom of expression.

National Secretariat


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