Appeal from the Social Movements Assembly

General mobilisation on 20 March 2011 to support the revolutionary process in the Arab world!

3 March 2011

After several major breakthroughs in Latin America in recent years, it is now on the Arab world that a wind of freedom and hope is blowing. The Tunisian revolution has not only brought down a bloodthirsty dictator; it has also blazed the way to a world without oppression and exploitation. One after another, Arab peoples are breaking away from the logic of fear and taking their destiny into their own hands as they burst onto the political scene.

A symbol for all those who fight for freedom, dignity and social justice, it is greatly to be hoped that this revolutionary process will spread beyond the Arab world. But History has taught us never to underestimate the forces of capital. Day after day imperialist powers and domestic reactionary forces organize to counter this movement of emancipation and regain control. They use all possible tools to prevent these movements from succeeding or expanding. And these tools are quite powerful: banks, media, and economic power.

Faced with this ongoing, organized threat, faced with global capitalism, populations have no choice but to support each other and fight together. Peoples of the Arab world urgently need our active support. Who can resist this call for help and solidarity?

When it met on 10 February 2011 during the World Social Forum in Dakar, the Social Movements Assembly [1] called on all popular forces throughout the world to mobilize on Sunday 20 March 2011 [2] to support the revolutionary process in the Arab world [3].

Social movements the world over, on Sunday 20 March 2011, let us stand by the Arab populations who demand genuine democracy and power to the people.

Social movements the world over, on Sunday 20 March 2011, let our massive mobilization send a clear signal to the powers that be: as the Tusisian and Egyptian peoples have just shown, people in the South and in the North are no longer ready to pay for the recession and seek to fashion their own destiny and promote social justice and respect for nature.

Social movements the world over, let us make Sunday 20 March 2011 a symbol (and indeed, in some cases, the beginning) of the assertion of popular sovereignty against the forces of capital.

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[1The SMA is an international coalition of movements that fight capitalism, patriarcat, imperialism, racism, and all forms of oppression.

[2The 20th of March 1956 is the date on which Tunisia officially gained its independence



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