Global Day of Solidarity and Action with Honduras

12 août 2009

Today, Tuesday August 11, the people of Honduras need you to take action Action
Valeur mobilière émise par une société par actions. Ce titre représente une fraction du capital social. Il donne au titulaire (l’actionnaire) le droit notamment de recevoir une part des bénéfices distribués (le dividende) et de participer aux assemblées générales.

Today, tens of thousands of Hondurans conclude a seven day march across the country protesting the coup d’état that occurred on June 28th. Marchers from all parts of the country will arrive in the cities of San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa as part of a massive non-violent resistance movement in opposition to the violent takeover of their country.

The Quixote Center is in Tegucigalpa today with our second Delegation of Solidarity, Accompaniment and Witness in response to a call from The National Front of Resistance against the Coup, a large coalition of diverse social movements, unions and human rights organizations.

The social movements of Honduras also call on you to take action to help prevent violent repression on the part of the police and military today. The coup regime has responded to protests with extreme brutality and racked up a record of human rights abuses that marks a chilling throw back to the grizzly, U.S backed counterinsurgency campaigns of the 1980’s. (visit our webpage for reports)

Please accompany the people of Honduras today by faxing President Obama and the U.S. State Department. Express your concern about the repression perpetrated by the coup regime to date and for the safety of nonviolent protestors in Honduras today.

Demand that the United States join the rest of the international community in taking serious steps to withdrawal support for coup leaders restore democracy to Honduras.

These include :

1. Revoke U.S. visas and freeze bank accounts of those involved in the coup.

2. Cease all operations and recall all personnel from the Palmerola military base.

3. Recall US Ambassador Llorens as required by law in the event of a coup.

4. Join the nations of UNASUR in declaring that the U.S. will not recognize any election results in Honduras unless Zelaya is previously reinstated as President.

5. Cut off U.S. economic assistance for “elections” to the coup regime in Honduras.

To take action, go to our web site