Global Manifesto for Public Services

28 October 2021 by Collective

A group of over 80 organisations from around the world, including members of the CADTM, is launching a manifesto calling for the strengthening of public services, such as education, energy, water and sanitation, food, health and care services, housing, social security, telecommunications, transport, waste collection and disposal. This will require redefining global rules, reorienting public institutions and refocusing governments on meeting people’s needs and respecting the planet.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown the catastrophic consequences of decades of neoliberal privatisation, commodification and financialisation of public services. Ecological collapse and climate crisis are imminent. These crises threaten lives and livelihoods, plunging millions into poverty, causing mass migration and creating social unrest and political instability.

The manifesto calls for a new social compact, one that supports families and communities in the face of the systemic crises the world is currently facing. It also calls for stronger governments that respond to the needs of people and the planet. It positions democratic governance and universal access to quality public services as the foundation of a just and equitable society that implements the fundamental values of solidarity, equality and human dignity. It proposes ten principles for building quality public services.



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