Good year of fighting in 2019!

28 December 2018 by CADTM International

Photo by Tim Gouw via Unsplash (CC)

It really makes sense to be part of an international network such as the CADTM, which is fighting the debt system and all forms of oppression all over the world. We cannot tolerate injustice against anyone anywhere and we know we have to act in order to change the world in depth.

May 2019 be a year of successful struggle all round

The fight against public and private [1] illegitimate debt keeps us on our toes but we know full well that other forms of injustice and oppression also have to be fought. And we are ready to participate in various struggles. We are also ready to act together with all truly empowering forces and practise unity in action and a convergence of struggles as much as we can. Women’s mobilizations were significant in 2018, which is heartening. May they further develop in 2019. Other large popular mobilizations occurred such as the Yellow Vest movement or a similar struggle in Haiti, which started with a protest against the price of fuel but soon went much further, the migrants’ caravan that started from Honduras and Salvador and crossed Guatemala and Mexico to reach the United States. There are so many resistance struggles that we feel there is hope for a better future.

The international CADTM network has once again been very active in 2018 and we’re ready to take up whatever challenges 2019 will bring. We are still spreading to include new countries.

May the end of 2018 be kind to you and may 2019 be a year of successful struggle all round! Let’s reach for the stars! Lift up your hearts!

Signed by Fátima Zahra, Omar Aziki, Eric Toussaint, Christine Vanden Daelen for the Shared International Secretariat of the CADTM, Broulaye Bagayoko (Cadtm Africa), Maria Elena Saludas (CADTM Latin America + Caribbean), Yoko Akimoto (ATTAC Japan) Sushovan Dhar (CADTM South Asia ).


[1Microcredits, students’ debts, mortgages, peasants’ debts, etc.

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