Mexico, March 9, 2016

Justice for the Civil Counsil of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (COPINH), the family of Bertha Cáceres and Gustavo Castro

10 March 2016 by COPINH

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Early in the morning on Thursday March 3rd, our Honduran comrade Bertha Cáceres and Mexican Gustavo Castro were attacked in the town of La Esperanza, Honduras, where Bertha sadly died and Gustavo Castro was injured. Since that time, Gustavo Castro was designated as a “protected witness” by the Honduran government.

Gustavo Castro has cooperated with all of the attorney’s requests despite his physical and psychological state. Gustavo Castro is a victim of an attempted murder in a country that the Inter American Court on Human Rights has called the country “… with the highest number of assassinations per capita of environment and land defenders.” It is enough to point out that, with Bertha’s assassination, five members of COPINH have now been killed.

As a result, the IACHR has issued precautionary measures for the family of Bertha Cáceres, members of COPINH and Gustavo Castro. On Sunday March 5, precautionary measure No. 112-16 was issued ordering the Honduran government to adopt the necessary measures so that members of COPINH can undertake their activities as human rights defenders without being subjected to violence, threats and harassment; to guarantee Castro Soto’s security during the entire process of preparing for and departing from Honduras; to open a line of coordinated investigation by independent organizations that would avoid the criminalization that had been the focus of the Honduran state’s process until now.

The case of Bertha Cáceres and the members of COPINH are added to a long list of threats and assassinations of human rights defenders and of defenders of the land throughout Latin America. Indigenous and campesino communties and peoples are victims of disposession from their lands being imposed by private capital, both domestic and foreign, that has generated tremendous resistance in confrontaion with both companies and governments that allow the companies to position themselves with impunity. COPINH and the Lenca people are a tremendous example of struggle in defence of life and territory. In this context, they had denounced Energy Development Company S.A. (DESA) that was trying to build the ‘Agua Zarca’ hydroelectric project on the Gualcarque River.

We demand:

1. That the state of Honduras implement the precautionary measures issued by the IACHR and that the members of COPINH, family of Bertha and Gustavo Castro be protected;

2. That the migration alert against Gustavo Castro be revoked, enabling his immediate departure from Honduras;

3. That the Mexican government continue to work in favour of Gustavo Castro and reinforce all fo the measures at its reach to guarantee his protection, his departure from Honduras and his work as a defender of land and human rights.

Justice for Bertha Cáceres

Stop the criminalization of members of COPINH

Justice for the Lenca people

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