10 April

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10 April 2024

Thirty years have passed since the genocide in Rwanda in April 1994, one of the most shameful moments in world history, in which members of the majority Hutu ethnic group massacred an estimated one million members of the minority Tutsi, moderate Hutus, and members of a third ethnic group, the Twa. As we remember the victims and offer our condolences, we also call your attention to the part that foreign financial institutions played in hastening the genocide's progression.

From Hungary to India, Brazil to the US, there is an increase in far-right movements, activists, and political parties. Right-wing extremist ideologies and organisations are a serious global threat to democratic nations everywhere. The Ist International Antifascist Conference, which takes place in May in Porto Alegre, Brazil, will be in this exact setting. CADTM is pleased to participate in this meeting, which aims to plan and discuss how to carry out a struggle in the streets and other public spaces that can defeat fascist and extreme right expressions. This will open the door for people to stand together in solidarity, defend social and economic freedoms, the environment, science, and the arts, and fight against exploitation, xenophobia, and other forms of oppression.

Our comrade and friend Zinaba Rasmane, an organiser with Balai Citoyen, is among those who have disappeared in Burkina-Faso where for several months now, abductions of prominent figures defending democracy, violations of fundamental human rights and attacks on freedom of expression have been on the increase. We vehemently denounce these arbitrary arrests and seek international solidarity to obtain the quick release of all these individuals who are being unjustly detained .

In addition, Eric Toussaint advocates for a Europe of the people in opposition to the EU's bastion of capitalism. At the same time, CADTM joins more than 200 civil society organisations in calling for the suspension of the EU-Israel Association Agreement. Sushovan Dhar describes how Macron validates Modi's "global charisma".

Also read news and views about Pakistan, the US, Tunisia, Palestine, Chile, Sri Lanka, Russia, etc. and the destructive roles of the IMF and World Bank in Indonesia, Turkey, and the Philippines.

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