8 October

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8 October 2021

The advent of capitalism has intensified the transformation of commonly owned resources into private property. Among other means, debt – both public and individual - has been used effectively to expedite this process. We bring you two articles by Eric Toussaint explaining this destructive process and how Big Pharma makes use of the same well tried processes in order to safeguard their patents and the super-profits that they gain from them in the present acute health crisis. Vincent Kiezebrink’s article on the sources of Moderna’s super profits and how they end up in the tax-havens is equally instructive.

At the CADTM University the argument for the cancellation of debts by he ECB grows louder. In another session. Iolanda Fresnillo, Omar Aziki, Ndongo Samba Sylla, Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky and Anaïs Carton argue for the cancellation of the third world debt to deal with the current crisis. Similarly, Silvia Federici, Camille Bruneau and Verónica Gago analyse the multidimensional crisis from the feminist point of view. We are happy to present the recordings of all these sessions...

Also read Michael Roberts on the Chinese real estate bubble, Africa and Food Sovereignty by Carol Tompson, Youth climate activists on the inaction of COP 26 and others.

Developing the website in four languages (French, Spanish, English and Portuguese) and the electronic bulletins in three languages ( French, English, Spanish) are a couple, among the numerous projects of CADTM. A new site set up recently and we hope likewise to provide more articles for a possible maximum number of readers around the world. The members of the CADTM international network will actively participate in the research and production of articles so that we can provide you with better information.
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