PRESS RELEASE, Paris May 4th, 2016

Nuit Debout International Meeting on May 7th, 2016, 8th in Paris

4 May 2016 by NuitDebout

“Disobedience is the solution” (CC - Flickr - thierry ehrmann)

NUIT DEBOUT INTERNATIONAL MEETING on May 7th & 8th in Paris, Place de la République, and #GLOBALDEBOUT mobilisations worldwide on May 15th, 2016.

Together, we are an immense force!
Let’s gather together on May 7th & 8th to rise up together on May 15th.

Since March 31st, the Nuit Debout movement has transformed public space into a place for exchange where everyone has a right to speak and take politics into their hands. After more than a month’s occupation, Nuit Debout has spread throughout France and abroad; in Spain, Germany, in England as well as the United States and Canada.

On May 7th & 8th, the international meeting of Nuit Debout will take place in Paris at the Place de la République. Activists and citizens from around the world will come to Paris to meet, debate, share Share A unit of ownership interest in a corporation or financial asset, representing one part of the total capital stock. Its owner (a shareholder) is entitled to receive an equal distribution of any profits distributed (a dividend) and to attend shareholder meetings. their experiences and build shared perspectives and solutions. This meeting also aims at collectively preparing and launching a call to come out into the streets and occupy squares across the globe this May 15th, notably on the occasion of the Spanish 15M/Indignados’ anniversary.

The concerns expressed by the French meet those expressed by their neighbours. The labour law reform in France echoes numerous similar reforms carried out in other countries and which have lead to an in increase in precariousness, inequalities and misery. These shared problems are numerous and it is essential to add up energy and local initiatives in order to unite and put forward a global response.

The programme of this international meeting will allow participants to engage in the construction of an international convergence of struggles through debates, workshops, discussions and assemblies. These encounters will also help to strengthen ties between movements and individuals who struggle against increasingly precarious working and living conditions, against the destruction of our planet, against the logic of private interests in the detriment of public and general interests.

Another world is possible. Social movements, collectives and citizens are building it together, joining on May 7th & 8th in Paris, Place de la République, and will rise up around the world on May 15th.

On May 15th, our neighbourhoods, our towns, our villages, our squares and our streets will be occupied because politics is everyone’s responsibility!

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