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Protest against G8

16 August 2005

On 2nd July 2005 some 250 000 people took to the streets of Edinburgh, Scotland, to insist that the G8 G8 Group composed of the most powerful countries of the planet: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and the USA, with Russia a full member since June 2002. Their heads of state meet annually, usually in June or July. come up with real policies to fight poverty. Africa’s debt was at the centre of the demands made by the demonstrators convened by the MakePovertyHistory campaign and the G8 Alternatives platform.

We took three galleries of photographs (138 photos) at this gigantic rally:

[ 1 ] — [ 2 ] — [ 3 ]

A few days later, on 6 July 2005, about 10 000 people answered the call by G8 Alternatives to demonstrate in the village of Auchterarder, near Gleneagles, where the Summit was held.

The CADTM also took part and brought back about a hundred photos :

[ 1 ] — [ 2 ]

We can also offer photos by Pascal Saez, a photographer living in Edinburgh who has done a series of picture reports on some more festive participatory activities organised on the 3rd and 4th July right after the huge rally of almost 330,000 people. He took his camera along to the Carnival of Joy, organised by groups involved in the Dissent network (, with the Clown Army livening it up... until the rather heavy-handed police arrived.

[ 1 ]

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