Solidarity with the Palestinian People

25 May 2021 by CADTM International

The Israeli colonial aggression on the Gaza Strip lasted 11 days. A ceasefire has now come into effect. This aggression killed over 231 people including at least 65 children and 39 women, and injured more than 1630. It caused the destruction of hundreds of buildings in densely populated areas and dozens of hospitals, it cut off electricity and water and damaged sewage systems. Tens of thousands of Palestinians had to leave their homes. They are living a painful ordeal aggravated by the current economic and health crises caused by the covid-19 pandemic.

In the West Bank and Jerusalem, Israeli repression has intensified since 7 May, causing thousands to be injured and hundreds to be arrested. Groups of fanatical settlers are attacking Palestinians in the 1948 territories.

The big imperialist powers give their support to Israel in order to maintain the regional status quo that serves their strategy of domination, and plundering of resources through trade, debt and arms sales.

They ally themselves with petrodollar monarchies and despotic regimes in the region to normalise their relations with the Zionist entity, to extend neo-liberal and warmongering policies, and to curb peoples’ aspirations for freedom, dignity and social justice exemplified by the new Palestinian Intifada.

The entire Palestinian population throughout the occupied territories and in Israel responded to the Intifada. Youth and women took to the fight against apartheid and the unsupportable conditions of daily suffering, developing forms of active solidarity while being determined to regain their historical rights. The success of the general strike of 18 May symbolised this basic unity in resistance. It also expressed the conviction that the Palestinian people can only rely on their own strength to defeat the Israeli enemy and its allies.

Their capacity for resistance and total conviction that they will win their fight for emancipation is strengthened by the enormous solidarity for their cause that is developing all over the planet.

The CADTM International mobilises and adheres to all solidarity initiatives on an international, continental, regional and national scale to:

  • strengthen the solidarity with the Palestinian people in struggle;
  • stop the Israeli colonial aggression
  • put an end to the Israeli civil and military occupation
  • impose the right to self-determination and the right of return for the Palestinian people;
  • expand the international solidarity campaign: Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS);
  • denounce support for the Zionist entity;
  • reject the normalisation of relations with Israel,
  • denounce the repression and criminalisation of solidarity with the Palestinians by regimes and governments in the South and the North.

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