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5 December 2022

We need your support to keep the CADTM alive and to bring its analyses to as many people as possible! Your financial support is very important because it helps guarantee our independence and allows us to spread free copies to Africa, Latin America and Haiti, to people who do not have the means to pay for publications.

By supporting the CADTM you will also receive an annual issue of the printed magazine ’Les Autres Voix de la Planète’ and other publications (books, brochures) as they come out. Our publishing language is French.

Donations may be tax deductible. Any support/donation of 40 euros or more is tax deductible in Belgium. At the beginning of the following year you will receive, for tax declaration purposes, a receipt from CADTM specifying the total amount of your donations.

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  • Become a CADTM activist: do training, write articles, analyse articles, *translate, create animations, pedagogical tools and graphic design, present them on our website, support the action of CADTM in general.

If you are outside of Belgium, please see our “Get involved” page.

If you want to get involved in the CADTM, contact us at info at and we will reply as soon as possible.

  • Translation and Interpretation

To give our articles the widest possible audience, the CADTM is constantly seeking to have them translated into all the languages available on our website (Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Greek, etc.).

It is for this reason that the CADTM is constantly looking for professional translators who would kindly give us their support on a voluntary basis.

In the same way, a whole series of public events that take place in Belgium, and elsewhere, need the contribution of a number of professional interpreters.

If you would be so kind please send an e-mail to info at (please specify your name, surname, e-mail address, languages concerned).

 Why a call for donations on our website?

The CADTM Belgium has been receiving subsidies from public donors for several years. These are mainly the Belgian Development Cooperation and the Department of Permanent Education of the French Community of Belgium. These subsidies are far from sufficient to diversify our activities, to meet the growing demand for training, animation and various forms of expertise, and to develop the CADTM network around the world. In the context of the debt crisis in the North, the threat of a new debt crisis in the South, and more broadly of a multiple crisis on a global scale, it seems essential to us to strengthen our work and to continue to build North-South links.

Your donations allow us to fulfil our contractual obligations with funders (20% equity Equity The capital put into an enterprise by the shareholders. Not to be confused with ’hard capital’ or ’unsecured debt’. requirement), to guarantee our independence and to ensure the perenity of our work.

As an illustration of the recognition of our work, here is the mention made by Jean Ziegler, former UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food, in his book “The Empire of Shame”: "The CADTM has emerged as a real counter-power to the Bretton Woods institutions and the Paris Club Paris Club This group of lender States was founded in 1956 and specializes in dealing with non-payment by developing countries.

. Éric Toussaint and his team are displaying considerable pedagogical talent.”

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