The initiative “Greeks for Bernie Sanders’ mass movement” has been launched

5 May 2016 by Yorgos Mitralias

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One of the consequences of the exceptional success of Bernie Sanders’ campaign and of the birth of the mass movement supporting it, is the launching some days ago in Greece of the initiative “Greeks for Bernie Sanders’ mass movement”. As it is indicated in the following statement of principles of this initiative translated in English, one of its goals is to encourage similar initiatives in other European countries. Moreover, in addition to the facebook in Greek, this Greek initiative has launched a “European” multilingual website and facebook open to any group of people -or even individuals- wanting to use it in order to serve in their country the same objectives of the Greek initiative.

Solidarity from Greece!

The initiative “Greeks for Bernie Sanders’ mass movement” has been launched in order to fill a vacuum: The almost total lack of information of the Greek public opinion concerning the mass movement of historic importance supporting Bernie Sanders’ effort to win the Democratic nomination. This lack of appropriate and objective information on the mobilization of millions of American citizens in favor of Bernie Sanders, methodically organized on a worldwide scale and not only in Greece, deprive Greek citizens of their right to form their own opinion and realize that Greek people’s struggles converge with the struggles of the mass movement supporting Bernie Sanders. In other words, that these are common struggles! All the more since Bernie Sanders was, and still is, a champion of Greek people’s cause and a staunch defender of its struggles more than any other foreign politician.

Nevertheless, the initiative Greeks for Bernie Sanders’ mass movement” is not limited to inform. It wants to contribute to develop in Greece active solidarity towards the mass movement supporting Bernie Sanders in the US. Because it is conscious that this young and so radical North American movement needs internationalist support from all over the world, especially now when it is suffering the fierce attacks of all the North American establishment.

Another ambition of our initiative is to act on a European scale encouraging the launching of similar initiatives in other countries as well as their collaboration and their networking. It is then on purpose that we are launching our “Greek” facebook at the same time with the “European” facebook (Europeans for Bernie’s mass movement), already containing articles and news in many European languages.

Last but not least, the initiative Greeks for Bernie Sanders’ mass movement” plans to give its contribution to the much desired transformation of the movement supporting Bernie Sanders into a permanent mass, radical, class movement. A movement which, emancipating millions of workers, millennials, women, as well as Afro-Americans, Latinos and Indigenous people from the oppressive two-party system can break the status quo at the heart of the global imperialist super power and change the course of history for the benefit of all the oppressed people of the world and of the so directly threatened planet of ours.

Yorgos Mitralias

Journalist, Giorgos Mitralias is one of the founders and leaders of the Greek Committee Against the Debt, a member of the international CADTM network.




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