[Video] What solutions for the countries of the South crushed by the burden of the debt ?

20 September 2021 by Iolanda Fresnillo , Omar Aziki , Ndongo Samba Sylla , Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky , Anaïs Carton

CADTM Summer University 2021: Global Crisis, Debt Cancellation for Social Justice!

Thursday 16 September, 6.30-8.30 p.m. - What solutions for the countries of the South crushed by the burden of the debt?

With Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky (Independent Expert on Foreign Debt and Human Rights, particularly economic, social and cultural rights from 2014 to 2020), Ndongo Samba Sylla (Senegalese economist, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Dakar and Collective for The Renewal of Africa (CORA)), Iolanda Fresnillo (Eurodad) and Omar Aziki (Attac/CADTM Morocco)

While many countries of the South were already facing difficulties in 2015, the severe consequences of the CoViD-19 pandemic have aggravated their debt situation. Over a third of them are on the verge of defaulting or have already suspended payment on all or part of their debt. Since March 2020, international institutions have repeated declarations of intent without really taking the measure of the current crisis. Faced with the distress of the populations, it is urgent to act for the cancellation of the debt of the countries of the South! But how? Through restructuring or suspension? Through cancellation or repudiation? Through an audit or an international device under the aegis of the UN? Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky will present the solutions put forward by UNCTAD UNCTAD
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
This was established in 1964, after pressure from the developing countries, to offset the GATT effects.

. Ndongo Samba Sylla will explain the specific constraints relating to debts on countries of the South. Iolanda Fresnillo and Omar Aziki will develop the recommendations of their respective networks.

Iolanda Fresnillo

is a member of La PACD (Plataforma Auditoria Ciudadana de la Deuda) and Eurodad.

Omar Aziki

is a member of the national secretariat of ATTAC CADTM Morocco and of the shared international secretariat of CADTM.

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Ndongo Samba Sylla

is a Senegalese development economist at the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung’s West Africa Office in Dakar, and coauthor with Fanny Pigeaud of Africa’s Last Colonial Currency: The CFA Franc Story (Pluto Press)..

Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky

is the coordinator of the postgraduate program on “Public policies and human rights in Covid-19 times,” Universidad Nacional de Río Negro, Argentina. Previously, he was the United Nations Independent Expert on Foreign Debt and Human Rights (June 2014–May 2020).

Anaïs Carton

Permanente au CADTM Belgique

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