World March of Women Against the Coup in Brazil

19 May 2016 by World March of Women

The entire world is currently watching the murder of democracy and justice in Brazil with rage and sadness.

On 17th April the impeachment voting against Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff was live broadcasted from the Parliament.. Using arguments such as the development, faith and family traditional values, many parliamentarians voted against Dilma. Legally this has been justified with accusations of violation of the budget and administrative probity bills, as well as accusations of corruption with no evidence. We were horrified when we received news on the 12th May that the Senate had ratified the impeachment, and Dilma was discharged and suspended for a period of 180 days (during which the investigation will take place). Michel Temer the Vice President assumed the Presidency and leadership of the State.

In Brazil there is no impeachement; we are witnessing a coup d’Etat in the guise of legacy. This is a neoliberal, racist, patriarchal and lesbofobic (or heteronormative) coup. This is the coup of the market against the peoples. Oligarchies and elites, financed by the transnational capital, decided to impose their power, because they could not get it in the ballots. The Brazilians gave to Dilma more than 54 million votes because they rejected the project promoted by the group involved in the coup.

The scourge of the most extreme right did not take long to arrive. Temer has been in power less than 4 days and he has already erased the progressive improvements and main political achievements of the Workers Party: suppressing the Ministries of Culture, Women, Racial Equality and Human Rights, Agrarian Development and the General Attorney of the Union (CGU); he also merged Social Security and Economy Ministries. His cabinet of ministers is fully composed of men: all of them white and old. Police are already using violence and intimidation to repress the widespread protest on the streets of the cities all over Brazil.

The illegitimate president has already announced the return of structural adjustment Structural Adjustment Economic policies imposed by the IMF in exchange of new loans or the rescheduling of old loans.

Structural Adjustments policies were enforced in the early 1980 to qualify countries for new loans or for debt rescheduling by the IMF and the World Bank. The requested kind of adjustment aims at ensuring that the country can again service its external debt. Structural adjustment usually combines the following elements : devaluation of the national currency (in order to bring down the prices of exported goods and attract strong currencies), rise in interest rates (in order to attract international capital), reduction of public expenditure (’streamlining’ of public services staff, reduction of budgets devoted to education and the health sector, etc.), massive privatisations, reduction of public subsidies to some companies or products, freezing of salaries (to avoid inflation as a consequence of deflation). These SAPs have not only substantially contributed to higher and higher levels of indebtedness in the affected countries ; they have simultaneously led to higher prices (because of a high VAT rate and of the free market prices) and to a dramatic fall in the income of local populations (as a consequence of rising unemployment and of the dismantling of public services, among other factors).

policies (such as the end of the raise of minimum wage which contributed much to the reduction of wage inequalities) and the reform of the Social Security System. Regarding foreign affairs, his first statements show a clear abandonment of the cooperation with Latin America (considered too ideologically charged). Free trade agreements with USA and Europe, as well as the privatization of strategic companies, have become the clear focus.

Long time ago we started feeling the increase pressure of conservative and neoliberal right over the progressive governments all over Latin America. But these attacks on the people are more and more obvious and now we can even give a name and see the face of the perpetrators, because nowadays the coups are all dressed up in false democracy and justice.

As political subjects, faced with this attack to freedom and democracy, we will not remain passive. So, in alliance with other social movements, both Brazilian and international, we are taking to the streets to challenge the dictatorship of the right wing. We, women and militants of the World March of Women:

- We reject outright the media and judiciary coup against democracy, as well as the patriarchal violence perpetrated against the President Dilma.

- We call our sisters all over the world to demand from their governments a strong position against the coup, as well as not to recognize the temporarily President Temer, nor any other individual designated by the actors of the impeachment process.

- We ask you to organize public actions, write letters and send messages to media and Foreign Affairs Ministries to:

1. State rejection to the coup that took place in Brazil on the 12th May 2016.

2. Demand immediate reposition of democratic institutionalism of the country, including the restitution of the legitimate president Dilma Rousseff.

3. Call for the annulment of the false impeachement currently underway in Brazil.

4. Denounce the support and complicity of the intelligence services of the USA in the coup.

5. Demand from the USA presidency, from the EU and the rest of the countries of the OCDE a strong position against the coup in Brazil, including an immediate halt of all kinds of military, diplomatic and economic cooperation.

6. Ask your parliamentarians to present motion of censure to the coup in Brazil.

The solidarity and strength of all militants of the World March of Women is with our sisters in Brazil, supporting their struggle. Always on the march compañeras!

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