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#Bruxit feat Rebelion28M
28 May 2016

Saturday 28 May
10:30 Schuman Roundabout
Alternative action at European Open Doors

14:00 Mont-des-Arts
"Time for change in Europe. What’s next? In our out?
Assembly and debates

CALL For a democratic rebellion Shut out the lobbies and open the doors of European politics

On the 28th of May the European institutions open their doors to the public. Citizens, workers, students and the precarious will be able to experience the privilege enjoyed by the finance and industry lobbies all year long. For the rest of us, however, the doors of European politics remain firmly closed for the other 364 days.

Millions of people in Europe are witnessing how policies coming from « Brussels » are destroying whatever’s left of our basic rights and solidarity (with active collaboration of many local and national political leaders).

We reject these decisions coming from « Brussels » being taken in our name. From Brussels itself, our city, we want to help build the resistance to such a Europe and the world it represents. We believe that combined, our local resistances can serve as building blocks for a common alternative.

We refuse…

1. The imposition of austerity across the continent

As if it is the only political choice possible. But most of all it is a way to make those least responsible for the crisis pay for it. It is stealing from the poor to give to the rich and powerful, the banks and multinationals who continue to live the high life.

2. Laws and policies that protect major financial interests

While tax dodging scandals rain from the skies (SwissLeaks, LuxLeaks, Panama Papers), Europe responds by adopting the Trade Secrets directive to silence whistleblowers. We see a Europe that would rather leave in peace tax practices that suck billions out of the state coffers, billions that could be used to finance social policies for the common good (schools, healthcare, pensions or the ecological transition).

3. An trade policy that supports big agribusiness to the detriment of small farmers, food sovereignty and the planet.

The EU’s export-led agriculture policy supports agribusiness while destroying the very same small farmers who provide healthy food and local supply chains, protect landscapes, the environment and the climate. We’re seeing an opening of markets to GMO’s and other chemical products by negotiating free trade agreements like TTIP or CETA, which themselves would undermine any sensible policy to tackle climate change.

4. Violent and cynical migration and foreign policies

Unlike its citizens, EU leaders have proven incapable of taking action to welcome refugees fleeing from war and misery, instead engaging in a cynical horsetrade to keep them out of Europe, while using migration to increase pressure on wages and labour standards… The lofty liberal democratic values used to justify military interventions are quickly forgotten when it comes to erecting new frontiers and barbed wire.

By ignoring the aspirations of the peoples of Europe, these policies are destroying the very idea of Europe.

We will be present when the European institutions open their doors to the public on saturday the 28th of May to spread a very different message, the message of a Europe for and by its peoples, a social Europe, an ecological Europe and most of all, a Europe built on solidarity.

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