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Three NGO in Court against a vulture fund
Press Club Brussels, Brussels, Belgium
15 June 2016

Press Conference 15th June 2016

Three NGO in Court against a vulture fund - Press Conference 15th June 2016

The Belgian coalition of French-speaking development NGOs, CNCD-11.11.11, its Flemish sister organisation 11.11.11, and the Committee for the abolition of illegitimate debt (CADTM) engage in a battle at the Belgian Constitutional Court against the vulture fund NML Capital Ltd.
What: The three organisations intervene in Court, side-by-side with the Belgian state.

To defend a Belgian law of 2015 limiting the activities of vulture funds. Vulture funds are specialized investment funds that profit from speculation on distressed countries’ sovereign debt. With this law, Belgium is pioneering international legal action against vulture funds.

This law is being challenged by NML Capital Ltd. at the Belgian Constitutional Court since March. NML Capital Ltd. is a subsidiary of the “Elliott Management Corporation” group, led by the billionaire Paul Singer.
In a context of increasing public debt crisis, this Belgian law is worth fighting for. The Belgian example could also serve as a source of inspiration for other countries’ legislation.

In order to know more about this litigation, the three organisations invite you to a press conference, Wednesday 15th of June, 10h30 am at the « Press Club Brussels ».

- Arnaud Zacharie, Secretary General of CNCD-11.11.11
- Bogdan Vanden Berghe, Secretary General of 11.11.11
- Renaud Vivien, Co-Secretary General of CADTM Belgique.
- Olivier Stein, solicitor, Progress Lawyers Network.

Introduction speeches will be in French and Dutch. Speakers will be happy to answer questions in English.

15th of June, 10H30 AM.

Press Club (Conference Hall) Rue Froissart 95 – 1040 Bruxelles

Contact persons:
- Eric Walravens, Coordinateur du service Communication du CNCD-11.11.11, Eric.Walravens at, 0495/17 60 53.
- Renaud Vivien, Co-secrétaire-général du CADTM Belgique, renaud at, 0491/24 99 01.
- Olivier Stein, avocat, Progress Lawyers Network, olivier.stein at, 0485/150 138.