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Action training against TTIP
12 September 2016

Training, speed dating (building affinity groups), legal briefing, direct action design, tools for action workshops, skillshare; « à la carte »

Prepare yourself to join TTIP GAME OVER & take action against the TTIP!

Sat 10th – Sun 11th of September; 9:30 to 18:00


Training, speed dating (building affinity groups), legal briefing, direct action design, tools for action workshops, skillshare; « à la carte »

A Week-End designed for everyone, from freshly curious to « veteran » activists
organized by TTIP Game Over, Quinoa, Agir pour la Paix
supported by Vredesactie, M3M, Climaxi, Friends of the Earth Europe

# INFO ON TTIP : Updated info about the negociations agenda and the TTIP itself

# DIRECT ACTION TRAINING : choice of workshops, from direct action and civil disobedience initiation to specific skills and techniques to strengthen yours actions

# ORGANIZE! : build a new affinity group, or join an already existing one. Affinity groups will have the opportunity to improve their way of working together.

# DIRECT ACTION DESIGN : You’ll have space and time to start thinking new actions or get further on the one you are already planning.

# TTIP GAME OVER FRAMEWORK: How to participate to the TTIP GAME OVER game? How to register? How to protect your anonymity ? How to find yours targets ? Where to sleep, eat and prepare? …

- Cost: It’s free! Vegetarian food will be provided on free donations.
- Where: Brussels. The venue will be communicated later on to people who registered. For nights, if you are not from Brussels but have friends in Brussels, the easiest is definitely to go to their place! We’ll do our best to help everyone find a place where to sleep, but can’t garantee it so far.
- Registration : Send us an email at ttipgo.trainings at with these copied/pasted questions, and your short answers. Each person must register for themselves.

What is your name or pseudo?
Do you have experience in activism ? Which kind?
How do you consider your knowledge of the TTIP issue ?
Are you a member of an affinity group, a collective, an organization (association, NGO…) ?
Do you live in Brussels? If yes: are you up for hosting participants at your place (how many?)? If not: do you need to be hosted?

From Fri 09th (evening) to Mon 12th (afternoon) of September


A training designed for experienced activists who want to mobilize in their country
organized by TTIP Game Over, Friends of the Earth Europe, Agir pour la Paix, Vredesactie, Quinoa

# WORKSHOP DESIGN: How to prepare your workshop agenda
# MOBILIZE : How to mobilize back in your country

More info coming soon…

Powered by civil society !

Source : TTIP Game Over