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8 hours against illegimate debt !
Brussels, Belgium
4 December 2016

4 December , 2016 from 11:30 am

At Bâtiment K (Amphithéâtre La Fontaine), ULB, Avenue Franklin Roosevelt 50,1050 Bruxelles

The marathon to prepare our event “8 hours against illegitimate debt” has already started!

A series of full immersion workshops, stimulating activities and two exciting plenaries are planned for the first edition of the “8 hours against illegitimate debt” that replaces this year’s summer university!


11:30-12 am: Welcome

12 am-1:30 pm OPENING PLENARY SESSION “Debt: capitalism’s deadly weapon” EN<>FR

How is debt actually used by the system as a weapon - an expedient for wealth transmission, as well as a tool of political domination; it is a source of devastation in the North as well as in the South. With

Silvia Federici (feminist militant, professor emerita of social science at Hofstra University,NY)
Camille Chalmers (economist, coordinator PAPDA and member of CADTM- AYNA),
Eric Toussaint (spokesperson of CADTM International, member of the ATTAC France Scientific Council)

1:30-2:30 pm: Lunch

2:30- 5:30 pm : Workshops

“Let’s stop debt and austerity!” Sure, but how? FR participatory workshop

Yannis Youlountas (militant, writer and film maker of Ne vivons plus comme des esclaves, Je lutte donc je suis), Anja Deschoemacker (PSL- LSP), Yorgos Vassalos (Greek Solidarity Initiative in Brussels), Anouk Renaud (CADTM Belgium)
Everybody seems to agree on the need to get rid of illegitimate debts and the various deleterious measures they result in. But how should we proceed? Shall we organise and stop foreclosures while setting up self-managed clinics? Should we lobby governments? Can we change policies from ‘inside’? The debate is open, whether we think of Greece or Belgium. Tell us what you think, share your own experience and compare various political visions and strategies.

Citizen debt audits: challenges and perspectives SP>FR participatory workshop

Yolanda Fresnillo (PACD Spain), Jérémie Cravatte (CADTM Belgium), Madeleine Ploumhans (ACIDE Belgium), Pascal Franchet (CAC France)
While a movement for citizen debt audits started a few years ago in the South, it has been a more recent development for Europe. This workshop intends to compare current initiatives in various countries, and to find ways of promoting citizen audit in Belgium.

Facing capitalism and patriarchy : which struggles and strategies for women? EN<>FR

Silvia Federici (militant, feminist), Bushra Khaliq (Women in Struggle for Empowerment/CADTM Pakistan), Marcela de la Peña Valdivia (Comité voilà la facture), Christine Vanden Daelen (CADTM Belgium)
How can feminists fight the holy alliance of these two systems of domination and exploitation? What initiatives do they develop, both in the South and in the North, to repudiate illegitimate debts, which undermine women’s most fundamental rights?

Bank crises and alternatives EN<>FR

Paul Murphy (Irish deputy, Anti austerity alliance), Aline Fares (CADTM Belgium, ex-Finance Watch and Dexia bank), Martine Orange (journalist at Mediapart), Eva Betavatzi (Greek Solidarity Initiative in Brussels)
Since the bank crisis exploded in Europe in 2008, none of the regulations the governments have half-heartedly attempted to enforce on the banking sector has been able to actually change a basically vicious situation. It is thus time that we should take things in our own hands and mobilise to implement genuine alternatives to the current banking system.

Toward a new debt crisis in the South? EN<>FR

Cécile Vanderstappen (CNCD), Sarah-Jayne Clifton (Jubilee Debt Campaign UK), Camille Chalmers (PAPDA, CADTM- AYNA), Renaud Vivien (CADTM Belgique)
This workshop aims at reviewing the debt situation in various countries of the South, exposing how its relation to migrations and to catastrophes resulting from climate change, but also to discuss alternatives and current mobilisations about illegitimate debts in the South, compensations and the free movement of people.

Ecological debt and anti-extractivist struggles in the North and the South FR participatory workshop

Lucile Dumas (ATTAC- CADTM Morocco), Sebastien Kennes (Rencontres de continents), Camille (ZAD France)
Extractivism still predominates all over the world and caring for the environment, or the future of humankind, is hardly a political priority. We will discuss various movements of popular resistance that are currently being developed in South America, Africa and Europe. We have to coordinate struggles to preserve commons.

How to break the debt puzzle: debt in the North and in the South for dummies - FR Animation

Maud Bailly and Emilie Paumard (CADTM Belgium)

Well…look, do you think debt is some gimmick only economists, finance analysts and other highflying oddballs can cotton on? Still, you’d like to understand how it works since you can see how unfair the debt system is both in the North and in the South? Come along then, this workshop you’re looking for!

5:30-6 pm: Break

6-7:30 pm FINAL PLENARY SESSION: Witnessing struggles EN<>FR, SP>FR

with Roxanne from D-goûter Peeter, CAmille from TTIP Game over, Mamadou Bah for the migrant struggle, Lucile Dumas for the Unnecessary Imposed Mega Projects in Morocco, Jordan Croeisaerdt on the criminalisation of social mouvements, Yolanda Fresnillo on the struggles against austerity and illegitimate debt in Spain and rapper Rimakay

7:30-8:30 pm: Dinner

8:30- 10 pm: Concert by Terrakota

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The Janson’s car park will be also available. Here the map.

This is our phone number: 0486/119832

If you want to help us with some of the preparatory work (communication, logistics, activities or any) please contact Chiara: chiara at

Open fee. Meal at sustainable prices

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