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18th February Sahrawi Women’s Day
by World March of Women
16 February 2017

A tireless struggle for freedom

From the World March of Women we want to send to our Sahrawi sisters all of our solidarity for the celebration of their day and express all our recognition and admiration for their strength and constancy with which they lead their fight of decades for their freedom and their people.

The Sahrawi women have been defending their territory and the freedom of their people whilst they fight the most brutal face of patriarchy that always affects mostly the lower class women. The dignity of these women contrasts with the violence and wretchedness of the Spanish and Moroccan State, directly responsible for the situation of the Sahrawi people.

In the actual political environment, in which we constantly talk about separating walls, we want to remind that since 1980, a wall of 2.700km exists in Western Sahara, diving the Sahrawi territory and separating families. In this day that we celebrate our Sahrawi sisters we demand this wall of shame to be taken down as well as all the walls built in the world in the name of war and capitalism and against life.

Our Sahrawi sisters are an example of resistance against imperialist wars and capitalism that distributes the world as a business for the profit of the elites and convert their lives and actions in resistance defending the present and the future of their people.

From the World March of Women we join the international protests against the commercial agreement between Morocco and the European Union that loots and exploits Western Sahara’s natural resources and we claim the compliance with the European Court of Justice Sentence that states this commercial agreement cannot apply to this territory as it does not belong to Morocco.

We also reclaim political responsibilities to the Spanish and Moroccan States for the illegal distribution of the Sahrawi land that prolonged 41 years of illegal occupation and the impoverishment of Sahrawi women and men.

We reclaim once again that Morocco withdraw from the occupied territories so that the Sahrawi Women and their people can be free.
In sisterhood,

We will keep marching until all women are free!

European Secretariat of the World March of Women

World March of Women