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The Audit, an inquiry into Greek debt
by CADTM , ZinTV
27 February 2018

The Audit, an inquiry into Greek debt
(L’Audit, enquête sur la dette grecque),
a film by Maxime Kouvaras

Produced by ZIN TV
in collaboration with the CADTM (Committee for the abolition of illegitimate debt)

26’ – French version with English subtitles


On 25 January 2015, Tsipras and his party Syriza won the Greek elections. This raised great expectations for millions of Greeks who wanted to see the end of the austerity measures they had had to face for years. In a context that was unprecedented in Europe, a committee consisting of Greek and international experts was set up within the Greek parliament and given the mission to examine Greek debt and expose the part of it that was illegitimate.

Practical info to organize a screening:
contact at - anouk at

Contact us for a copy of the film or to organize a debate with ZIN TV or with the CADTM.

Screening fee: free participation

Poster and banner: web version attached

Languages: also available in Greek and Spanish

Thanks in advance for your interest and please get in touch for more info.

The ZIN TV and CADTM teams



English subtitles by Christine Pagnoulle, Mike Krolikowski and Vicki Briault Manus.