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Europe after Brexit
King’s College London / SOAS University of London
22 September 2018

The Global Financial and Economic Crisis which began to unfold from late 2007 has deeply called into question the legitimacy of the institutions and putative values of the European Union. The Brexit vote, which should see the UK leave the EU in due course, represents a key turning point in this regard and raises fundamental questions about the future of Europe, with or without the EU.

This two-day Conference, co-ordinated by EReNSEP and organised by SOAS through the Department of Economics and the School of Law, and the Department of European and International Studies at King’s College London, aims to bring together academics from different disciplines and actors from campaigns and social movements across and around Europe to explore the key problems that face not just the EU but Europe more broadly, and to think through radical alternatives to the status quo.

In this regard, the Conference will involve a combination of diagnosis and prescription: an attempt to grasp the fundamental challenges facing the people of Europe in the coming years and to think through responses.