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Your Money or Your Life - The Tyranny of Global Finance
29 September 2005

Eric TOUSSAINT “Your Money Your Life, The tyranny of Global Finance”, updated edition.
Translated by Vicki Briault Manus. In collaboration with Raghu Krishnan and Gabrielle Roche.
Haymarket, Chicago, 2005.

Globalization brings growth? Think again. Debt-engineered by the IMF and Word Bank-sucks countries dry.

In the last decade, neoliberal policies have created debt and global impoverishment on a massive scale. In this updated edition of his internationally recognized book, Eric Toussaint traces the origins and development of the crisis in global finance.

This new edition is fully updated with new statistics to account for new developments in global financial institutions like the World Bank and IMF. Your Money or Your Life is widely considered one of the clearest and best-documented books on globalization available.

Includes an extensive bibliography and notes.

Book Cover
Preface to the 2005 edition
Foreword, by Christian de Brie, Editorial staff member at Le Monde diplomatique
Book Introduction

Packed full of detail...This book is stimulating, concise, and well-written, with lots of examples and three country case studies. I highly recommend it.
Wendy Olsen, Capital & Class

Eric Toussaint is president of the Committee for the Cancellation of Third World Debt and is a fellow and frequent lecturer at the International Institute for Research and Education in Amsterdam. He is the co-author of Who Owes Who? 50 Questions About World Debt.